Twelve Minutes Complete Guide : Walkthrough and Endings

Twelve Minutes, developed by Luis Antonio and published by Annapurna Interactive, is an adventure game released on August 19, 2021. This game is available on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

In this game, You are in a small apartment and the game runs in a cycle of Twelve Minutes and in these Twelve Minutes you have to solve a particular mystery. These events occur in a time loop, so you have to play these events repeatedly.

There is a top-down approach of the apartment shared by the man and his wife which includes the main living and kitchen area, their bedroom, and bathroom. You are to solve the mystery of your unborn child and her mother/your wife.

Game Story

When the man learns his wife is pregnant, a police officer comes and accuses the wife of killing her own father several years ago. In the process of arresting her, the police officer attacks her and kills her and her unborn child.

In the course of Twelve Minutes, you have to prevent the arrest by doing certain actions, and this will happen in various loops. Follow this guide to complete the game in no time.

The Hallway

Twelve minutes hallway

When you start the game, you will come out of the elevator into the hallway. Check the paintings on your left and right. One painting is of a flower and the other is of a bookcase with a well known red book. This will come handy later in the game.

On the left side of your door, you will find a fake rock. Grab it. Open your inventory and click on fake rock to find your house keys. Drag the house keys to your door to unlock it.

Having desert With Your Wife

twelve Minutes

Do a little tour of your apartment and talk to your wife. The important thing right now is to have a desert with your wife. Follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the lights with the switch near the door.
  2. First grab the mug from the couch and then the counter to the sink. Drag each of them to fill them.
  3. Grab two plates from the fridge by opening it.
  4. Set the plates and mug on the table.
  5. Inform your wife it’s a good time to have desert and take your seat.
  6. Click on plate to eat and enjoy desert.
  7. Pick the present she gives you and click on it to open it.
  8. You will find babies clothes inside.
  9. Ask her why Dahlia?
  10. Continue the rest of the conversation as you want.

The cop will show up at 12:05. He will arrest you and your wife. Don’t do anything. Don’t even click anywhere while the talking happens.

Your wife will tell you to find the watch by saying,” the Watch is in the…..

Finding the Watch

You will start in a time loop. Try to learn and make it useful.

Loop 2

twelve minutes loop 2

Talk to your wife when she sits on the couch after coming out of the bathroom.

  1. Tell her this feels like the same day. Try proving her that the day is restarting.
  2. Choose what to prove with and click on the window over the sink.
  3. Wait for a little time for the thunder. It happens before 12:02.
  4. Choose what to prove with again. Then walk into the bedroom, get the present from the drawer.
  5. Walk back to room and pick the present from your inventory to prove yourself.

Run through the series of dialogues questioning her about the pocket watch and her father. She will stop answering your question in frustration.

Go to the bedroom, and you will get a shock. Try to turn it off and on again. This time you will get knocked out from the shock. Open the front door and step into the hall.

Loop 3

The loop starts again and you are confused.

twelve minutes blinds
  1. Go near the closet to the left of the front door. Open it and hide inside and close the door behind you. Watch from the blinds and don’t click or do anything.
  2. You will hear your wife walk into the bedroom and get shocked by the switch.
  3. The cop rushes in and arrest your wife.
  4. Don’t do anything.
  5. The cop will do some questioning, and she will say that the pocket watch is in the bathroom vent under the medicine cabinet.

When the cop is gone, go through the front door to the hall to reset the loop.

Loop 4

Now we have some information. Let’s try to learn more.

twelve minutes ventilation grid
  1. Go near the counter and grab the knife/ spoon from the table.
  2. When your wife comes out of the bathroom, go into it and close the door. Search the medicine cabinet and click at the very bottom to find the ventilation grid.
  3. Open it by dragging the knife/spoon and find the pocket watch.
  4. Head back to the living room by opening the door.
  5. Go to your wife and question her about her past. Later on, tell her you know about what she is hiding in the vent.
  6. After some conversation, prove her you are in a time loop using the present that contains babies clothes.

Go ahead with the conversation, she will tell you about the Polaroid on the fridge. The cop will come and then play out of the loop.

Loop 5

twelve minutes polariod

This time, when you come back, head straight to the fridge and get the Polaroid.

  1. When your wife sits down, go talk to her.
  2. Prove her the day is restarting and tell her what happened the night she ran away.
  3. Follow up with new dialogues and ask her about her past.

The loop ends in somewhat the same way.

Questioning The Cop

Your wife has provided you with all the information now it’s time to talk to the cop. He is not very cooperative, so we have to use some measures.

twelve minutes cop shocked

Loop 6

Let’s question the cop and get some answers.

  1. Grab both mugs and Polaroid from the fridge fast.
  2. After greeting your wife, head straight into the washroom and close the door. Get sleeping pills from the medicine cabinet.
  3. Drag the mug to the sink and then fill it. Drag and Put the pills in the mug.
  4. Go back to the living room and then to the bedroom. Get shocked by turning on the switch and then go back to the living room.
  5. Give the mug with pills to your wife.
  6. If you haven’t(or even if you have) click on her book and talk about it.
  7. She will go to the bedroom to lay down. She will turn off the lights and close the door.
  8. Hide in the closet and watch through the blinds.

Afterwards you will say, “Now we wait” and time will fast-forward.

  1. When the cop comes in, he will start looking and open the bedroom door and spot your wife.
  2. After he turns on the light through the switch, he will get electrocuted.
  3. When you hear the cop hit the floor, come out of the closet and click on the cop. Get his revolver, two pairs of handcuffs, his phone, and a knife.
  4. Drag a pair of handcuffs from your inventory and tie the unconscious cop.

You can ask him questions, but he will not cooperate.

twelve minutes phone
  1. Drag the revolver and shoot him on his leg or arm and let him know you are serious.
  2. Go through the dialogues and ask his relationship with the family. Ask about the watchask about his relationship with her fatherask about the murder chargehow do you know it was her, and why would she possibly do something like that.
  3. Also ask how her father was murdered.
  4. After leaving the conversation, show the Polaroid to the cop by dragging it from your inventory.
  5. From new dialogues ask Who could have killed her father? And Ask him about the nanny.
  6. Check the cop’s phone before the loop resets. Read the messages and click on the phone no. of Bumblebee. You won’t be able to talk to her. This is used later.

Not getting Killed or Arrested

With so much information, let’s put some brain to work and not get arrested or killed.

Loop 7

  1. Repeat the sequence.
  2. Prove the day is restarting, and tell her what happened the night she ran away.
  3. While talking, Tell her about the cop and his connection to her father.
  4. Select previous topic and talk her about past …, and tell her the Polaroid proves she didn’t kill him.
  5. When she sits on the couch, go talk to her one more time. Talk about her past … And ask about her father’s affair and then ask how her mother found out about the affair.
  6. Ask about her nannyask about the nanny’s childask where her brother could be now, and then who killed your father?

Maybe you are out of time and the cop comes. He will not listen to you.

Loop 8

twelve minutes call bumblebee

He will not listen to you, but he will listen to someone else.

  1. Talk to your wife, Prove the day is restarting, and tell her what happened the night she ran away.
  2. Get your wife’s phone from the closet, it’s in the purse next to the clothes.
  3. Use her phone to call Bumblebee, you will remember her number from loop 6 and say that her father wants to arrest your wife and then say your wife is innocent.
  4. Now talk to your wife and then talk about the cop.
  5. When you hear the elevator sound, you’ll hear cop Talking to bumblebee.
  6. Don’t do anything. When he rings the doorbell, open the door.

Your wife will point him to the photo on the fridge. The cop explain everything. Your wife hands over the watch and the cop will give a little time about your wife’s brother.

Loop 9

Don’t repeat earlier steps as it will not take you anywhere. Instead, follow this sequence.

  1. Talk to your wife, prove the day is restarting, and tell her what happened the night she ran away.
  2. Now mention the monster, her half-brother.
  3. Grab your wife’s phone and call bumblebee and repeat. Say your wife is innocent.
  4. Talk to your wife and get more information. Talk about her past … And find more about the brother being the killer.
  5. Click previous topictalk about the cop …, tell her the cop wants the watch to save his daughter, and let’s wait for him to arrive.

Similarly to loop 8 wait for the cop to ring the doorbell and this time wife focuses on the monster. The cop remembers the nanny’s name, something flowery.

twelve minutes pocket watch

Loop 10

This loop is similar to the previous one with some changes.

  1. Talk to your wife, prove the day is restarting, and tell her what happened the night she ran away.
  2. Go to the bedroom and take out the present from the drawer.
  3. Grab your wife’s phone and call bumblebee and repeat. Say your wife is innocent.
  4. Wait for the call from Bumblebee finish and wait for your wife to go and get the watch.
  5. When the conversation ends at cop mentioning flowery. Drag the baby clothes to the cop.

Once you gain control of the conversation, choose what ever option you like.

Twelve Minutes Ending

This is the last loop, after which you will see the end credit scene. There are two endings at this point.

twelve minutes ending red book

Loop 11

  1. Get the knife and when she comes out of the bathroom go take the pocket watch and wait.
  2. You will be in a different version of the past. Here you can choose the options if you want, but don’t click.
  3. Instead, click on the red book on the bookshelf you saw her reading.
  4. Don’t click on the conversation, Just wait.
  5. This is the true ending to the game.

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