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Twitch Error 2000: Best 5 Ways to Fix Twitch Network Error

What is Twitch Error 2000?

Twitch Error 2000 is one of the most common network bugs faced by users. Due to this error, your stream would stop abruptly and a message saying “there was a network error. Please try again (error #2000)” would appear. This usually occurs due to bad network connections but can also occur due to an insecure network. However, even if your connection is stable and secure you can still get this error.

This is a highly irritating bug as it completely disrupts your viewing experience. But you need not worry, in this guide, we will cover 5 ways to fix this error. Fixes range from very simple to a little complex so make sure to read each fix carefully and find out what works for you.

1. Refresh Your Browser

Sometimes the most obvious and simple solutions work the best for you. Many users who have experienced the error 2000 have claimed that a simple refresh of the page will get rid of the error however the error does keep on popping up from time to time to cause a minor inconvenience. Make sure you try this before any of the other fixes as it has a chance probability of working and cannot be simpler than this.

2. Turn Off Adblocker

Most of the users who browse the internet have some form of ad blocker installed in their browser. These adblockers are great to stop the annoying popups or the long unskippable ads but they come with a downside that many websites like twitch start using measures to stop the people from blocking the ads as ads are the main source of revenue for such websites. Try to disable your ad blocker and then retry playing the stream, this is also a reliable fix that has worked for many users.

3. Delete Browser Cache

Sometimes this error can also be caused due to problems in the cache data of the website. Cache data is used to load up pages faster but if you keep on facing the error 2000 while viewing twitch then it might be a good idea to delete the cache data of your browser and try logging in again to twitch. Cache data can be cleared usually through the settings options of the browser you are using. Clearing the cache data should solve your problem but you will have to re-login to every other site and sites may load slower for some time.

4. Disable HTML 5 Player

HTML 5 is a type of video player which allows you to play videos from web pages directly without opening any other external video player. Sometimes due to some technical issues, HTML 5 can interrupt your viewing experience and may cause errors like the one being discussed here. What you should try doing is disabling the HTML5 on Twitch. You can do this by going to the setting on the bottom right of your Twitch page where you will find an option to disable HTML 5.

5. Use a Different Browser

If all else fails, you should try using another browser for watching Twitch. Sadly this error occurs on all the major browsers so we can’t recommend you a go-to browser, but try using any other browser as this error may be caused due to some extensions already installed in the browser. If you can’t pinpoint the problem then changing your browser might be your best bet.

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