Two Point Campus: Complete Beginner Guide (Tips And Tricks)

Looking for Tips to start with a bang and not do any mistakes in the latest Simulation game Two Point Campus? Well, this article got you covered, this article will go through the essential things you need to know to build and manage a successful University Campus.

From making money to keeping your faculty and students happy and levelling up your campus, this guide’s got it all. The start of the game can leave many players a bit dizzy with all the tutorials and info being too much to take in. So the tips and tricks inside it should help you at the start of your game and beyond.

Two Point Campus Guide

Top 10 Tips for every player:

These top 10 tips will help every player whether you are starting your new campus or looking to get that 3-star rating by improving your existing campus. These tips will help your campus become more profitable and bring more students.

Learn to make money

  • Running and managing a campus is very expensive. There are many things which require huge sums of money – paying for new buildings, wages of staff, new rooms and more.
  • Knowing how to make Two Point Campus Money will help you in not taking losses and making profits. If things become too bad you can take loans to fund your educational institution and save the day.

Earning Kudosh is important

  • While most of the items and construction can be acquired using money, some items require a special currency. Two Point Campus Kudosh is a currency which is required to unlock certain items in the game.
  • This currency is earned at a much slower rate than money and requires different means, but it is necessary to unlock certain furniture items which can make a room livelier.
Two Point Campus guide3

Maintaining good grades

  • It is important to make a profit by opening your campus but getting good grades is also of equal importance.
  • Students who get high Two Point Campus Grades are more likely to live a better, happy and successful life and are more likely to keep paying their tuition fees.
  • So it is for your own good to maintain a high standard of education in your University for your undergraduates.

Keep Students in Campus Happy

  • A happy person leads a Successful life. Students who are academically strong are good on campus, but they cannot succeed without being happy.
  • Two Point Campus Student Happiness is one of the most important stat you need to focus on. As the owner of the Campus, it’s your responsibility to make sure the students on your campus are happy.
Two Point campus guide4

Raise Your Campus Level

  • It is important to increase your Two Point Campus Level Two Point Campus.
  • It will help your campus grow bigger and award you with Course Points to run better and bigger courses and get employee candidates with better qualifications.

Earn Course Points

  • Two Point Campus Course Points are a very important asset as they are required to upgrade your courses and add new and improved courses to your University.
  • They are not difficult to earn luckily, one way to earn them is by levelling up your Campus.

Make Your Campus Nicer

  • Having a beautiful campus attracts everyone students and faculty alike. Make sure you put money and effort into increasing your Two Point Campus Attractiveness and making everyone happier.
  • Your faculty and students both will appreciate a beautiful and feature-rich campus.
Two Point Campus guide2

Best Upgrades

  • You can upgrade rooms and laboratories you have built.
  • The upgrades which boost the rate of other upgrades and earn you money, kudosh and improve the learning abilities of your students are the best Two Point Campus Upgrades.


  • Beware, Two Point Campus Bookworms suddenly hop out of the ground on your campus before returning to their burrow for a split second, if you’re fast enough to tap on them before they disappear you can receive rewards for your reflexes.


  • Two Point Campus does not come with any official cheat codes to help you with your progress in the game.
  • However the game features a sandbox mode where you can mess around with things, it is not exactly a cheat code but yeah quite close.
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