What type of Two Point Campus cheats and trainers are there?

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Developed by Two Point Studios and Published by SEGA, Two Point Campus offers you to build the university of your dreams. It is a sim with a twist from the makers of Two Point Hospital. Build, hire staff and run an academic institution packed with wild courses. This article will find the links and know-how of running cheats on Two Point Campus.

There aren’t any cheats in this game, but that won’t stop you from hacking through Two Point Campus, making it easier, funnier, and more of your liking. A Sandbox Mode, Modifications from WeMod and Cheat Engine, and other tips and tricks are included.

Two Point Campus Cheats (Third Party)

Two Point Campus doesn’t include cheats in-game, but you can cheat through third-party cheats from WeMod and Cheat Engine, enabling unlimited happiness, unlimited energy, and instant upgrading. These tools are only available for PC. Checkout WeMod for the Two Point Campus Trainers or the official Cheat Engine Website.

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Two Point Campus Cheats (In-Game)

Two Point Campus Sandbox Mode allows you to customize the game, the same way you can do with a trainer. Here are the steps to play Sandbox Mode.

  • Go to Main Menu
  • Click on Sandbox
  • Choose a new Sandbox Slot
  • Choose any Campus
  • Choose your Mode (Standard, Creative, Challenge, and Custom)

Creative mode is a money glitch in easy terms. You start off with a lot of course points and Two Point Campus Money, and you can basically buy anything you want.

You can use the Custom mode to add changes and settings to further ease your experience. You can increase your starting money up to $2,000,000, Allow or Disallow Disasters and Invaders, adjust your income multiplier, change the temperature, or make the game much more harder. You cannot change happiness, hunger, and energy. So third-party applications are your only choice for these settings.

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