Unlimited Cementing Paste (CP) Farm in ARK Survival Guide

In ARK, you have to craft shelters, weapons, structures, and a lot of items to survive in the harsh environment of the island. One of the most important resources required to craft a lot of items in ARK is cementing paste. Read this article to learn how to efficiently farm cementing paste without any hassle.

ARK: Survival Evolved is a game like Minecraft but with dinosaurs. This game was released back in 2017 but still has a strong player base. In the game, you have to survive on an island filled with dinosaurs and a variety of animals.

Unlimited Cementing Paste Farm in ARK Survival Evolved.

To create the farm you will need the following items.

  • Achatinas.
  • One male and female Gachas.
  • Metal foundation blocks.
  • Stones.

Cementing paste farm construction.

First, you will need to create a foundation with seven columns and three rows. Construct this foundation with metal blocks.

Place your Achatinas on the centre of the metal foundations. The more Achatinas you will place, the more cementing paste you will receive. Set your Achatinas to wandering mode. Fill the inventories of the Achatinas with stones.

Place the male and female Gachas to the left and the right sides of the foundation. The Achatinas should be sandwiched in between the Gachas. Fill the inventories of the Gachas with stones.

Gacha Inventory
Filling the inventory with stones.

The farm is now complete. You will receive 1000 cementing paste per day from one Achatina. The more Achatinas you have, the more Cementing paste you will receive. The Gachas will automatically pick up the cementing paste dropped by the Achatinas.

Cement Paste Farm
Completed view of the cement farm.

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