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Lost Ark: How to Unlock Abyssal Dungeons Easily (Guide)

Lost Ark is a massive game with gorgeous graphics and engaging gameplay. The game published by Amazon Studios has managed to captivate gamers all around the world.

As players are spending hours killing demon hordes and enemies inside the game they are maxing out their characters.

After you have reached the maximum character level cap there is not much to do except fight bosses inside the Abyssal Dungeons. This is the endgame in Lost Ark. To learn how to unlock Abyssal Dungeons and prepare for it follow this guide.

Unlocking Abyssal Dungeons in Lost Ark.

Abyssal Dungeons in Lost Ark are traditional-style dungeons with bosses. These dungeons may be hard for players to fight through. To unlock these dungeons you to complete a few crucial objectives first.

Follow the steps given below to unlock Abbyssal Dungeons in Lost Ark.

  1. Keep completing quests in the main world storyline.
  2. Specifically the blue questline.
  3. Unlock Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids in Vern Castle.
  4. Complete the Ancient Elveria Dungeon and speak to the mentioned NPC to unlock Abyssal Dungeons.
  5. Locate the Abyssal Dungeon board in the Military District to start Abyssal Dungeons in Lost Ark.
Abyssal Dungeon Location.
Abyssal Dungeon Board Menu Location.

Information about Abysaal Dungeons in Lost Ark.

To fight enemy bosses in Abyssal Dungeons you will need to reach the maximum character level. Your weapons and items also need to meet the required level criteria.

Abyssal Dungeons are divided into five regions. These regions are Ancient Elvira, Phantom Palace, Ark of Arrogance, Gate of Paradise and, Oreha’s Well. These regions are further divided into several dungeons. Each region generally has two dungeons. To progress to the later regions you have to first complete the Ancient Elvira region.

Abyssal Dungeon Menu.

You cannot play Abyssal Dungeons on your own. You will either have to team up with your friends or join a pre-made party. Abyssal Dungeons are weekly activities so you cannot grind through them like other dungeons.

Abyssal Dungeon Solo Player Restriction.

Limitations of Abyssal Dungeons in Lost Ark.

Abyssal Dungeons have a few restrictions which make them harder to complete when compared to other dungeons. One of the main limitations of Abyssal Dungeon is that you cannot use your F1 potions. You can only use consumables in your numerical bar.

Another limitation is that you cannot change your gear once you have started the dungeon. You will need to plan and choose your items carefully before starting the dungeon. The player’s skills and battle items are also locked once inside the dungeon.

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