How to Unlock All skins for Free in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends, the most played multiplayer hero shooter, released back in 2019, is coming to mobile. The critically acclaimed shooter game published by Electronic Arts will be released on iOS and Android platforms this year.

The beta version of Apex Legends Mobile has already been released and is being tested by gamers all over the world. To learn how to unlock skins in Apex Legends Mobile, follow this guide.

Purchasing skins from in Game Rewards

After the commencement of the beta version of Apex Legends Mobile in India, a lot of players have been signing up to play the game. To please the new gamers and the existing ones transitioning to the mobile platform Apex Legends Mobile is offering in-game rewards.

These in-game rewards are offered when you maintain a sign-in streak. If you log in consecutively for two days, you will receive a total of 1376 Apex Coins. Maintaining this log-in streak till day 7 will get you 1200 free Legend Tokens.

Ap coins
Apex Legends Coins.

Some of the other rewards you can get for free in the log-in streak are, Caustic Skin Plunder, one special outfit called “Gibraltar Fiber Optics Outfit,” and finally a “Rename Card,” which you can use to rename your character.

GIB Fiber Optic Outfit
Gibraltar Fiber Optic Outfit.

The free Apex Coins, in addition to the Legend Tokens, will help you unlock all most every skin in Apex Legends Mobile.

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