How to Unlock Anna in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Before the events of the Forgetting, Anna, the ruler of Arendelle and sister of the Snow Queen Elsa, known as Queen Anna, once visited and lived in the Dreamlight Valley. Whereas back in Arendelle, Kristoff set out on a journey and never returned. This worried Anna, and she set out to look for Kristoff.

This guide will tell you how to unlock Anna in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but before you do that, you need to unlock and gain access to Dream Castle. You can do that by progressing through Merlin’s Quest.

How to Unlock Anna

Disney Dreamlight Valley 1

You need to complete Elsa’s quest and progress far enough in the game to be able to access the ‘Spirits of Nature‘ quest before you try to unlock Anna. You will have to enter the Enchanted Forest at the start of the quest, there you will spot Anna surrounded by purple flames. You have to interact with them and find out what is troubling them. After that Anna will task you to find her friend Burni the fire spirit.

Anna will give you fireproof gloves in order to catch Burni but using them is optional because you will be using your magic ability Watering Can extinguish the Fire caused by Burni. You need to only extinguish the flames in your path, there’s no need to extinguish other flames. While doing so you have to keep an eye out for a white flash speeding through the grass. The white flash is none other than Burni, once you have caught him you have to return to the Frozen realm to meet Anna.

After this, you will have to follow Anna through the forest but you will come across a sleeping Earth Giant who will block your path. In order to clear the path, you will need to wake the giant up, for that you will need to cook a Stone Soup. The Stone Soup will require these ingredients:

  • 3× Craggy Rocks
  • 1× Basil
  • 1× Oregano

You can cook this soup at the cooking station where you met Anna First. After cooking the soul you have to go back to Anna in the forest. The smell of the soul will wake up the Earth Giant. And he will leave the area. The path will be cleared but there will be holes and rocks. You will have to use your magic shovel and Pickaxe to clear the way.

Once the path is clear you will have to take the left route to make your way to Elsa. You will find that the path will be flooded ahead and you will have to find the Water Spirit and calm it down. In order to do so, you will have to go to the pond opposite the raging river and use your magic Fishing rod to find and recover Anna’s Engagement Ring.

Removing the ring from the pond will calm the raging waters and allow you to pass calmly over the bridge. Next, you have to return Anna’s engagement ring to her. After you do so, Anna will unlock, you won’t need to place a house for Anna like other characters. She will live in the Ice House in the Frozen Realm.

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