How to Unlock Ariel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Ariel, also known as the Little Mermaid, is a Disney character who sacrificed her voice in order to walk the land. She is well-known among Disney fans and the general public. She is also available as a character in The Disney Dreamlight Valley.

In the game, after the forgetting happens, she finds herself on a desolate island, and she has no idea how to get back to the Dreamlight Valley. This guide will tell you how to unlock Ariel in the game and help her get back to the Dreamlight Valley.

Requirements to Unlock Ariel

Dreamlight valley

To unlock Ariel, you need to complete a few quests. There are some pre-requisite quests that need to be completed to unlock Dazzle Beach before going for the main quest that unlocks Ariel.

Near the pillar and skull rock on the southeastern side of the Dazzle beach, you will find a broken raft and a mysterious paddle. Pick up the shovel to initiate “The Mysterious Wreck” quest with Goofy. If the Glade of Trust and Forest of Valor are unlocked, it will be a huge help as some items needed for the completion of the quest can be found there.

How to unlock Ariel

Ariel is stuck on a faraway island, and it is only accessible by a raft. Ariel doesn’t have a realm of her own like the other unlockable characters. To repair the broken raft, we will need the help of Goofy. The quest to unlock Ariel will start after you pick up the paddle on the beach. From there, follow these steps:

1. Give the paddle to Goofy

On giving goofy the paddle he will talk about the broken raft on the beach, he will offer to fix it but you’ll need to gather the materials for him to do so.

2. Gather the Materials

There will be many materials you will need to gather. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Hardwood ×30
  • Clay ×25
  • Rope ×7
  • Iron Ingot ×10
  • Seaweed ×12
  • Iron ore ×50

3. Use the repair kit on the Raft

After gathering the items, head to the crafting station. There, under the category of the functional item, you will find the Raft Repair Kit. Go ahead and craft it. Next, head to the raft and use the repair kit on it. Goofy will appear to fix the raft, and after it’s done, you can go to the island where Ariel is.

4. Talk to Ariel

Set sail towards the island where Ariel is. After reaching it, go and talk to her. Ariel will ask you to help her get off the island and take her back to the Dreamlight Valley so that she can look for Eric. She will also ask you to place her house near the beach.

After this, Ariel will come to the valley with you. You need to talk to her once more to complete the quest. You can place her house near the beach as requested by her and then use Scoorge McDuck’s signboard to get it constructed for the price of 5,000-star coins.

Friendship level- Ariel

After Ariel has settled in the village you can build your friendship level with her via her quests. One of her friendship quests will allow you to unlock Eric who can then be invited to the village to live in it.

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