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How To Unlock Awakening Skills in Lost Ark (Guide)

Do you feel like the class you’re playing right now isn’t really right for you or are you just missing the part that will make it all come together?

Today, we will be going over a significant part of what makes each class in lost ark its own awakening skills. This is a guide on how to unlock them.

The awakening skill is also sometimes referred to as an awakening ability, and that’s because these tend to be very powerful and actually have 5-minute cooldowns. Every class in the game has two awakening skills, so you can only have one active at a time.

You can unlock these skills at level 50 once you have progressed far enough with the blue quest in Vernto to reach the objective to visit Beatrice in Trixion. She will then give you a purple quest that says “awakening at the start” if you follow these questions for an hour or two, you will unlock the first awakening skills for your class.

But for the second one, it does tend to get a little more complex, of course, still follow the purple questline further, but it will bring you to Rohan del on the western side of the map. Still, it accesses the western side of the map. You must generally have a tier 2 ship that you will unlock from the guide quest “the curtain of proteus” in Vern.

Then you need to be around a 460 eye level proceed to rohindell where you will need to complete the main story of the area before you can continue on the awakening quest and this is should mention will be about 4 to 6 hours of further time spending, so I think you should be ready for a pretty tedious journey for the long haul if you want to get the second awakening skill.

After all, the lost ark is an MMO but having said that, this is an upgrade that will apply to all of your characters which means once you have done this once, you’re other characters will also be able to get their second awakening skills at the same time they get their first one.

So while the process mentioned above is pretty long and tedious, it is actually entirely worth it since it is alt-friendly, so you don’t need to be doing this for all of your other characters. This might be something many of you might be happy to hear who are addicted to alts.

I would also like to mention that using an awakening skill will also consume a chaos shard which you can buy at most level 50 area general merchants. This is a pretty tedious journey but is well worth it as it shows you if your class is for you or not. I have also linked a video that will show you what each class’s Awakening skills are and what they look like.

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