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How to Unlock BE’LAKOR! in Total War: Warhammer 3 Guide

Many of you will be pleased to know that the demon prince BE’LAKOR will finally be playable in Warhammer 3. Here’s all you need to know to unlock him. We will also take a look at his abilities and stats.

It should be mentioned that he will only be playable in specific ways. We’ll go over this in detail later. And if you find BE’LAKOR’s voice very similar, that’s because he is voiced by Richard Armitage, the same actor who acted as Thorin Oakenshield in the hobbit movies.

How to unlock BE’LAKOR in Warhammer III?

To unlock Be’lakor, you must finish the Realm of Chaos campaign. You must collect the souls of four Daemon Prince Champions, find a path to the Forge of Souls, and engage in the final climactic Survival Battle to thwart Be’lakor’s transformation. Once you have completed the battle, you should see a couple of cutscenes that will give you the choice of concluding the campaign or continuing. If you choose to continue, Be’lakor will appear as a level 20 army commander. He is a compelling villain you can harness for yourself now that you have him.

Stats and a closer look

BE’LAKOR will be a part of the Demons of Chaos army and will be on their roster in custom and multiplayer custom battles, but sadly players will not be able to use them in ranked matches. This is because Demons of Chaos are not in ranked battles since you’re not allowed to play them.

As I mentioned, you will not be able to use BE’LAKOR as soon as you open the game since you have to complete the campaign mentioned above. That, of course, will not be an issue since you will have to complete this campaign anyway. Now, Let’s have a look at the Dark Masters stats.

BE’LAKOR is a significant damage dealer with lots of armor-piercing. He has a big melee attack with an excellent charge bonus as well. As one would expect, he does do a lot of damage in melee and add to that the decent melee defense and with a bit of armor, which means he has mediocre defenses.

It should also be mentioned that he is flying, so he has that mobility that he can use to his advantage in sticky situations. He has a whopping 10k health which is more than most have. He is also a spellcaster with the law of shadows.

So let’s get a better look into that stuff. For his spells and abilities, he has Shadow Shroud, which gives him a 40% damage resistance for a respectable 33 seconds, which is nice to have when he’s in trouble.

Next, we have the Dark Master, which significantly reduces a melee attack for a single target which is helpful to help him avoid damage when he’s in melee or, more specifically, when he’s against single targets like other lords and heroes. He has the Shadow Lore Book, which we already know about.

He, of course, can fly, which means he has the mobility to get around quickly. He also has smoke and mirrors, which is a part of the shadow law book. He then has Blade of Shadow, which will increase his armor-piercing damage and melee attack the more stuff he kills, which I thought was cool because as the battle wears on, the stronger and more dangerous he becomes.

Next up, he has lord of torment, which will heal him when an enemy unit is wavering nearby, so when their leadership is low or their routing, he will get a little heal and a first for Total War: Warhammer, which is Whispers in the Darkness which will give him an -8 leadership but will also give immunity to psychology which is pretty huge and something we seldom see.

An example of this would be if a unit is immune to fear and terror, well, they won’t be anymore. He also has a physical resistance, a missile resistance, causes terror himself, and is, of course, a demon.

So if it isn’t apparent yet is incredibly strong. He has enormous damage-dealing combat stats has the lore of shadows which has a bunch of good damage spells as well. Still, he also has a lot of defensive abilities because he has healing powers, Damage Resistance, and Minus melee attack for an enemy and missile resistance. So, needless to say, he will be a bit of a nightmare, as one would expect.

He will be able to do a lot of damage with all of his power but still be pretty tanky and hard to kill. Add to that the fact that he can also fly and is very mobile and very fast, so if something terrible happens, he can get out of there pretty quickly. As we can thankfully use him in custom battles, we can see what he can do. If you were wondering, BE’LAKOR does not have his own campaign, at least for now, time will tell with the DLCs may hold.

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