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How to unlock Blue Dot Reticles in COD Modern Warfare 2

Blue Dot is a Modern Warfare 2 features a closely unparalleled level of weapon customization but not everyone is prepared to give up the classics. If you’re looking to unlock the Blue Dot sight in Modern Warfare 2, this is what your necessity to know.

Reticle customization has been a big slice of many past Call of Duty titles and with the influx of the revamped gunsmith system, players have been annoyed to hunt down the blue sights of yore.

While there’s no menu to tailor your dots this time around, you can still unlock the specific attachments that cover the blue dot and equip them with a wealth of weapons without taking to unlock things over and over for respectively gun.

How to unlock the Blue Dot in MW2?

As mentioned overhead, all you need to do for this coveted prize is unlock two exact add-ons in the gunsmith. Both the Cronen Mini Pro and the Corio RE-X Pro come prepared with it,

Appreciatively, this is a one-time process since MW2’s gunsmith lets players use items from specific weapons all crossways the board.

What weapons have the substitute dot in Modern Warfare 2?

Blue dot
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So, to unlock the Cronen Mini Pro or the Corio RE-X Pro you’ll have to level up exact weapons, but gratefully, neither one should take too long.

Cronen Mini Pro: Reach level 7 through the Expedite-12 shotgun

Corio RE-X Pro: Reach level 4 through the .50 GS handgun

Once you’ve indicated off these boxes you’ll have both sights unlocked and complete to throw onto your loadout.

Both choices have their strengths, but the dot with the best bang for its figurative buck is the Cronen Mini Pro. It’s molded more like the classic Red Dot Sight of CoD’s past and will likely feel more spontaneous for longtime players and newcomers alike.

Best Blue Dot Reticle Optic in Modern Warfare 2

Out of Modern Warfare 2’s two Blue Dot Reticles, we endorse players to train the Cronen Mini Pro.

With a thin, inconspicuous bezel, you’ll be able to see much more of the game around you when directing with the Cronen Mini Pro. Plus, it looks very like to the classic MW2 Red Dot sight.

When you’ve got the Blue Dot Reticle unlocked, you can equip it with about of the best Assault Rifles and SMGs for healthier accuracy.



Optics with blue dots are continuously popular in Call of Duty games and Modern Warfare 2 has 2 dissimilar blue dots for players to unlock.

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