How to Unlock Characters in MultiVersus for Completely Free


MultiVersus is a F2P fighting video game developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. There are a plethora of characters in MultiVersus. The game features characters from all of the Warner Bros catalogue, including those from WB, DC Comics, HBO, Turner Entertainment, and Cartoon Network as well.

MultiVersus’ characters can all be unlocked for 2000 Gold, 700 Gleamium, or a Character Ticket if you have bought the game’s Founder’s Pack. While Gleamium is a premium currency that can only be bought with real money, Gold is an in-game currency that is gained by completing and winning games.

The game provides free in-game currency, like the majority of F2P PC games. Gold is a very valuable currency that can be acquired by just playing the game and is used to unlock characters. Although not all characters are made equal, it can take anywhere between 1,500 and 3,000 gold to unlock a character.

Cost of Characters in MultiVersus

Bugs Bunny2,000
Harley Quinn2,000
Lebron James2,000
Iron Giant3,000
Tom & Jerry3,000
Steven Universe3,000

The character menu contains all of the characters in the game. The characters which are locked will have a lock icon, and can be unlocked by following these steps:

The best ways to earn Gold in the game are listed below:

Here are some of the easy ways to earn Gold in MultiVersus, which can further be used to unlock characters.

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