How to easily unlock every hero in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

After the release of Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition and almost 2 years of waiting, fans of Xenoblade have been blessed with the release of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a 2022 action role-playing game developed by Monolith Soft and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. Released on July 29, 2022, it is the third instalment in the Xenoblade Chronicles Series.

Here are the ways to unlock every single Hero in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Although you can unlock characters from the beginning of Chapter 2, it would be advisable to look up our guide if you’re looking forward to unlocking all 19 classes.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 All Heroes

  • One suggestion would be to complete all Hero Quests in their respective chapters, and then go back to get the Heroes.

Craftmaiden Alexandria (Incursor)

  • Unlocked in Chapter 4, you need to start the “Her Reasons” Quest in order for this hero to join your party.
  • To do so, simply go to the Dies Arch Landmark, kill 4 squads of Agnian soldiers on the “?” marker and defeat Colony Iota.

Undying Blade Ashera (Lone Exile)

  • Unlocked in Chapter 4, you’ll have to start the “Wrath of Ashera” quest.
  • Outside the gates of Colony 11, look for a “?” marker and activate the quest.

Smoldering Cammuravi (Seraph)

  • Unlocked in Chapter 6, you have to first complete Side Story “Mio”, and then start the “A Twist of Fate” quest in Colony Omega.

Ethel (Flash Fencer)

  • Unlocked in Chapter 3, You have to return to Colony Omega after recruiting Cammuravi.
  • He is a temporary hero but becomes permanent in the upcoming chapters.

Proudbanner Fiona (Signifier)

  • Unlocked in Chapter 5, you have to head to Candensia Region, Conchrock Beach Landmark, and go towards the golden “?” marker.
  • Complete the quest “Transparent Dreams” to unlock this hero.

Wrathfist Ghondor (Martial Artist)

  • Unlocked in Chapter 5, you have to just play the main story to unlock this hero.

Ashenpelt Gray (Full Metal Jaguar)

  • Unlocked in Chapter 3, you have to find the “?” marker in the Aetia Region, northeast of the Kamos Outpost landmark in Millick Meadows.
  • Complete the short quest to unlock this hero.

Dawnhero Isurd (Strategos)

  • Unlocked in Chapter 4, you have to liberate colony lambda and complete a quest over in his office.

Ghostbow Juniper (Stalker)

  • Unlocked in Chapter 4, she gets unlocked as part of the main story, in the events leading up to the liberation of Colony Tau.

Peerless Riku & Manana (Yumsmith)

  • Unlocked in Chapter 3, complete the quest “A Nopon’s Counsel” in order to unlock these heroes.

Melia, Queen of Keves  (Royal Summoner)

  • Unlocked after completing the game, return to Keves Castle and start a quest by finding the golden “?” marker on the first floor in order to unlock this hero.

Glorysong Miyabi (Troubador)

  • Unlocked in Chapter 6, complete the “Side Story: Mio” quest in order to unlock this hero.

City’s Bulwark Monica (Lost Vanguard)

  • Unlocked in Chapter 5, first, you have to unlock the hero quest “Vandham’s Heir” by discussing “Guernica Vandham” in the city area via rumours.
  • Then complete the hero quest unlocked in order to unlock this hero.

Nia, Queen of Agnus (Lifesage)

  • Unlocked after completing the game, return to The Hall of the Serene and find a golden “?” marker, which activates a quest and adds Nia as a hero.

No.7 Segiri (Machine Assassin)

  • Unlocked in Chapter 5, First, complete the quest “Imminent Illusions” in chapter 4. Then complete all available quests in Colony 4 and complete these quests, “Tactical Eradication” and “Rousing Bolearis”.
  • After doing this, a quest will appear outside Colony 4 called, “Severed Connections”.
  • After completing this quest, go to the city area and complete the “Writer’s Block” quest.
  • Now head towards Colony Omega and complete the “Inhumanity” quest, which unlocks Segiri.

Inscrutable Teach (Thaumaturge)

  • Unlocked in Chapter 3, you have to liberate Colony Gamma, and complete the quest, “Going Beyond Power”.
  • You can find this quest by going to the Alfeto Valley area.

Defiant Triton (Soulhacker)

  • Unlocked in Chapter 5, You’ll need to head to the Candensia Region and find the golden “?” marker that starts the Colony 15 liberation quest.
  • In order to do this, head for Hargan Point Camp in the Eryth Sea, this will trigger a series of events that leads you to Colony 15 and the quest “Doing It My Way”.

Artificer Valdi (War Medic)

  • Unlocked in Chapter 3, You will unlock this hero as part of the main story.

Dutiful Zeon (Guardian Commander)

  • Unlocked in Chapter 2, you have to liberate Colony 30 and complete story events over there.
  • Then move towards Colony 9 and complete the quest “Where the Heart is”.

These were the easiest ways to completely unlock all heroes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself updated with topics related to gaming, tech, and more.

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