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Pokemon Unite – How to Unlock Greedent Pokemon for Free

greedent pokemon unite

Pokemon Unite has now the new character or says Pokemon which is now ready to use and available in the game.

If you have been playing Pokemon Unite, you may know the Greedent in the queue before, as a very fun character, it is now ready to unlock.

Now, you can get this Pokemon completely free, without spending money. There is no need to spend the coins and gems to unlock Greedent.

Greedent Pokemon Details

greedent pokemon

The New Pokemon is a low-speed, Normal Type, introduced in the Generation 8 Pokemons. Known as a Greedy Pokemon, but actually, it is fun to use.

Greedent has the best Defence, with low endurance but super high offence and comes with its own abilities which can recover HP by itself continuously and can have a shield too.

The Best Pokemon with Sword and Shield is here, more Details about Greedent, is shown below :

EvolutionSkwovet -> Greedent
Ability (Max)HP
Ability (Min)Speed

How to Get Greedent Pokemon for free?

If you see Greedent in the Shop it will cost you 8,000 AES Coins or 460 AES Gems. But you can get it free, no need to spend anything.

Follow the steps below to get Greedent completely free, only by using Pumpkins Only.

pokemon unite pumpkin free

1) Collect 70 Pumpkins

You will be needed at least 70 Pumpkins in order to get the Greedent free! So, start collecting out the pumpkins from now, to get the pokemon. Follow the second point, to get Free Pumpkins.

2) Halloween Log-in Bonus

To Collect Free Pumpkins, you can Simply collect Daily at least 3 Collectibles Pumpkins from the Event, to do so Tap on the Player Profile, Go to the Events and collect the Halloween Log-in Bonus daily.

3) Halloween in Mer Stadium Challenges

You can also get Free Pumpkins from Participation in the Halloween in Mer Stadium Challenge, and pretty easy to follow.

To complete this challenge go to Unite Battle, then go to Quick Battle, Choose the Map Halloween in Mer Stadium, and start and finish the match, to get the Pumpkins as a reward.

4) Pumpkin Exchange in Events

Now if you have enough Pumpkins, which is 70 in total, you need to exchange those to get the Greedent Pokemon. To do so Go to the Events Page, Tap Pumpkin Exchange and Click Exchange on the top one.

After you Exchange the Pumpkins, you will successfully get the Greedent absolutely free!

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