How to Unlock Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga Capital Ships

One of the Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga interviews revealed the existence of Capital Ships in the game and the fact that players will be battling against these ships in certain areas. This peaked a lot of player’s interest. It was told that you can actually unlock these ships by fighting and capturing them. Here’s how to unlock these humongous Skywalker Saga Capital Ships.

What are Capital Ships?

There is an in-game help menu for Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga which contains a specific section for Capital Ships that explains it pretty well. The menu states the following: “Capital Ships serve as your own private BattleStation, unlocked by seizing them from their original owners when they attack.”

Just the description is so cool that players are bound to get the urge to unlock the Skywalker Saga Capital Ships. But these ships do cost a fortune. These range from 2 million to 5 million to use the capital ships.

So players might have to go on a long grind before they set their eyes to unlocking these ships. But once you’ve done that, here’s how to unlock various Capital Ships:

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How to Unlock Skywalker Saga Capital Ships

Death Star

In order to unlock The Death Star ship, players must have completed Episode 4 in the game and visited Coruscant District atleast once. After players have done both of these, they can head over to Great Temple at Yavin 4 Space and find an NPC that provides players with a small and easy side quest called “Operation: Stardust”. The ship will be unlocked after the end of this quest.

Death Star II

This is a much simpler ship to unlock. All players need to do is finish Episode 6 in the game and then visit the Ewok Village in the Endor Space. Once loaded into this region, players will get another small side quest from an NPC that is very close to the start point of the region. Finish this quest and talk to the mission-giver at the end to unlock this Skywalker Saga Capital Ship.


To unlock this ship, players need to head over to the Tatooine Space. Here, players will see some red combat zones on the screens once they are in the space. Once you fly towards then, you’ll begin Space Combat. The side taken in the battle doesn’t matter. Once you’ve done two or three battles, the Executor will show up and fight you. Players are required to destroy the ship and take control of it and the Executor will be unlocked.


For this ship, head over to Jakku Space and follow similar steps. Fight a couple of battles at the red zones and Steadfast should appear. Disable all the defenses of all the ships, destroy the ship and kill the captain and you will have your own Steadfast Capital Ship! This ship might also be found in Cantonica and some other Spaces.

Trade Federation Battleship

This ship follows the same procedure as Steadfast and Executor except, it’s found in the Geonosis Space. Take on a couple of battle, the ship appears, destroy the ship and defeat the captain, the ship will be yours. This ship does take around 5 million to actually get to use the ship so brace yourself for an even greater grind.

That’s all the ways to unlock the Skywalker Saga Capital Ships. Enjoy using your very own Capital Ships!

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