Final Fantasy XIV: How to Unlock Level Checker Mount (Guide)

The fourth and most recent expansion for Final Fantasy XIV is Endwalker. Endwalker includes a slew of new features, such as new occupations, locations, dungeons, raids, and more, as well as the dramatic climax to Final Fantasy XIV’s current story.

From the Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Omega raid collection, the Level Checker is a major NPC. The Level Checker, a tiny, television-like device, startled many when it was introduced among several other new mounts in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

Unlocking Level Checker Mount in FFXIV (Brief Guide)

The Level Checker mount in Final Fantasy XIV is presently one of the most difficult to get in Endwalker. It requires beating an extremely rare and challenging FATE twice, and obtaining that FATE to spawn in the first place takes time and effort.

You will only be able to receive it if you’ve completed Endwalker’s last zone, and you’ll also need to clear several FATEs in order for a boss to spawn that drops the resources you’ll need to gain the mount.

To get the Level Checker mount, you must defeat the Notorious Monster in this FATE, Chi, at least twice. To obtain the Level Checker mount, you must exchange 12 Chi Bolts, and then you can trade them for a Level Checker at Radz-at-Han by NPC Nesvaaz.

How to Get the Level Checker Mount in FFXIV Endwalker (Step Wise)

  1. Unlock all of the aether currents in this area once you’ve arrived to Ultima Thule.
  2. Reach the Chi by flying there.
  3. Go to Base Omicron and Talk to N-0265 NPC.
  4. If they are spawned there, start a Fate.
  5. To get the N-0265, complete both of the FATEs.
  6. At X:34, Y:21, a new FATE named Omicron Recall: Killing Order will emerge.
  7. If you go there and battle Chi, you’ll get Chi Bolts as a prize.
  8. Return to Radz-at-Han once you’ve collected 12 Chi Bolts.
  9. To earn the Level Checker mount, talk with the trade NPC at X:10, Y:10.

That was all about getting a Level checker mount in FFXIV, every step was explained and are easy to understand. But remember for some players it may be tough so they need to pay more attention while doing the battles.

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