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How to unlock and play CO-OP in Dying Light 2 Easily compress image 7 2

Follow this article, to unlock and play the Co-op mode in Dying Light 2 easily, and enjoy the massive and dangerous world with your friends. Just follow the steps and complete the mission to unlock the co-op.

Dying Light 2, the latest installment in the Dying Light franchise has been released. Playing alone and killing zombies in the game is fun. But, playing Dying Light 2, with your gaming buddies is an unforgettable experience.

Unlocking Co-op mode in Dying Light 2.

  • To play Dying Light 2 you will need to create an account with the game distribution service you downloaded Dying Light 2 from.
  • Steam or Epic Games and connect it with TechlandGG.

To unlock Dying Light 2’s Co-op mode you will have to complete the first biomarker mission. compress image 8
Hakon in Dying Light 2.

How to play Co-op in Dying Light 2.

  • To play Dying Light2 with your friends in Co-op mode, open the Online tab from the main menu. compress image 9
Online menu in Dying Light 2.
  • Change the Game type in the Online options menu to Public to play with gamers around the world.
  • If you want to play with people on your friend’s list change the game type to Friends Only.
online options menu
Online options menu in Dying Light 2.
  • After selecting the Public game type you will be able to play select game servers in the Find Game tab.
  • Selecting the Friends Only game type will allow you to send invites to your friends in the Favorite or Friends tab.

Co-op experience in Dying Light 2.

The positive aspect of playing Co-op in Dying Light 2 is that whatever equipment you find or skills you unlock will carry over to your single-player campaign. The downside of playing Co-op is that broken weapons will remain broken in the single-player campaigns and the quests completed in Co-op will not carry over to single-player campaigns.

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