How to Unlock Surfing or Surf in Pokemon Legends Arceus

In this Guide, I will tell you the best method to unlock surf in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Surfing in Pokemon Legends Arceus has existed for quite a while now. Unlike other Pokemon titles, you can only surf a pokemon unless it’s mountable, and you can only unlock these Pokemon via the main storyline.

There are many points in the Pokemon Arceus storyline where you have the chance to unlock the surf Pokemons for free. In order to do so, You have to get to the third stage area in the game and complete a few main story missions.

How to Unlock Surf in Pokemon Legends Arceus

In order for you to get the surf or unlock surf or gather water Pokemon in Arceus, You need to complete the storyline and reach the third section of the main story, which is Cobalt Coastlands.

Here you will find a Pokemon known as Basculegion, which is a surf or mountable Pokemon that you can ride. This Pokemon can take you across the water. Keep in mind that you cannot catch this Pokemon.

Now that you have reached the Cobalt Coastlands, Complete the missions, and as soon you keep completing these missions, you will come across a task with an objective to catch Dusclops.

You need to complete this task. It’s meant for a recipe that could satisfy the Basculegion. That’s it now. You can use this Pokemon whenever you are on the water. Thanks for reading the article. I hope it helped you. Subscribe to our newsletter for more Pokemon-related content.

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