How to Upgrade Items in New World’s Expansion – Easy Guide

Welcome, fellow adventurers, to the enchanting realm of Aeternum! Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey where the limits of adventure are non-existent. Within this vast gaming universe, New World shines as a remarkable testament to the infinite possibilities that await us all. As the ANG Earth expansion draws near, prepare to be captivated by the ever-evolving landscape of this magical realm. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey filled with exciting challenges and endless possibilities that await players.

As the New World community flourishes and expands, gamers from every corner of the gaming universe come together to challenge their skills against the mighty adversaries that dwell in Aeternum. With every exciting expansion, the game undergoes a magnificent transformation, presenting players with a plethora of thrilling challenges that demand nothing short of strategic brilliance, seamless teamwork, and an unyielding spirit to emerge victorious.

The ANG Earth update for New World is coming soon, and with it, the gear development system will change in a big way. In this easy guide, we will go into easy and quick guide about how to upgrade your gear, which will help you for sure. This will make sure that you have the best gear possible to face the difficulties of the expansion.

There will be a big change to the gear progression mechanism with the ANG Earth expansion for New World. To make sure you are well-equipped to handle the challenges of the expansion with the greatest gear available, we will go deeply into the specifics of gear upgrades in this informative guide.

Easy Guide to Upgrade Items in New World Rise of the Angry Earth

What Will Happen to Umbral Shards

As soon as the addition comes out, your trusted Umbral Shards will change into Depleted Umbral Shards. Their usefulness will go down a lot, leaving you with a lot of bits that don’t seem to do anything. But there is a way to get something of value from them before the growth. By selling a stack of Rumble Shards for 1,000 gold, you can make a nice sum. So, if you’ve been saving up Rumble Shards with care, you’re in for a nice surprise.

Accepting the new system for upgrade

The old way of improving gear with Umbral Shards will no longer be useful. In its place, a new system will be front and center. Step into the Gypsum Kiln, which is your way to improve your gear. There are Gypsum Kilns in villages between level 60 and level 65. Inside its hot walls, you’ll make the changes that will make your character stronger.

The Magic of Upgraded Named Item

The power to improve named things is one of the most exciting parts of the new upgrade system. With a gear score of 650 or more, these things can get even better at the Gypsum Kiln, where they can hit an impressive gear score of 700. Also, this upgrade lets you change one of their bonuses, so you can make your gear fit your own way of playing.

Materials Needed to Make Changes

To start improving your gear, you will need a few important things that you will need to focus:

Jewelry Matrix: This is the best plan, as is the key to making it work as best as it can. You need a trade skill level of 250 to make it. To make a Jewelry Matrix, you need honing acid and lucky rivets, both of which require extra supplies. This will be a big step on your way to giving your gear more power.

Dark Matter: As you explore the area, you’ll find different ways to get Dark Matter. You can get this important resource by salvaging gear, finishing quests, and doing other things. Dark Matter is the core of change, and it’s a key part of how you can improve your gear.

Gypsum Orb: The Gypsum Orb is a useful tool that can be used in many ways. It’s an important part of improving gear, but it also has other important uses. As you collect Gypsum Orbs, you’ll learn how important they are to the changing scenery of the expansion.

Finding out what the limits of upgrading are

Even though the idea of updating your gear is appealing, there are some things to keep in mind. For example, gear that was made by crafting will not be able to be upgraded in the Gypsum Kiln. This one-of-a-kind chance only comes up with named things with a gear score of 650 or higher.

What Happens to Legacy Items?

Some items cant be upgraded, as the rules, like if you have heirloom items those items that you bought before the update, they cannot be upgraded. the thing is to find them again after expansion, if you want to use their improved ones.

How to Make Perfect Artifacts

Artifacts are amazing, because they are unique and powerful. With the ANG Earth update, you will be able to change the benefits of these unique items. At the Gypsum Kiln, you can change one of your artifact’s bonuses, letting you fine-tune your character’s skills to perfection.

Getting the materials you need

To get the things needed to make these improvements:

You can get Gypsum Orbs in a number of ways, including making, tasks, and doing certain things in the game.

Dark Matter: As we’ve already said, you can get Dark Matter by rescuing gear, doing quests, and taking part in different in-game events.

Jewelry Matrix: To create a Jewelry Matrix, you’ll need the appropriate supplies and a trade skill level of 250. Remember that creating grids is a challenging task, but it will benefit your character greatly.

Getting the most money out of Umbral Shards

Before the update comes out, you might want to upgrade things that aren’t named after a dungeon to a gear score of 600. When these things are broken down after the increase, they are likely to give Dark Matter. By using Gypsum Orbs for these changes in a smart way, you can get a head start on your way through the new material.

In the end, the ANG Earth update adds exciting new ways to get better gear in New World. You’ll be prepared to take on the challenges of the greater realm of Aeternum if you comprehend how the new upgrade system operates and properly plan your upgrades. Keep in mind that knowledge is your best companion as you gather your supplies, make your improvements, and set off on your quest.

We hope that this detailed guide has given you useful information and shown you how to master gear in New World’s ANG Earth update. if you have any tips to add, make sure you leave the comments in below. Have fun playing!

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