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Best V Rising Settings (Boost FPS & Fix Lag) Guide 2022

The new Vampire Survival Game, V Rising, can easily be taxing on your PC if you don’t have a high-end one. This guide will help you determine the best settings to fix lag issues while having a great experience in the game.

The new Vampire Survival game published by Stunlock Studios was released on May 17, 2022. It is extremely popular with the biggest streamers like Shroud regularly playing the game. With this much popularity, a lot of players are bound to be attracted to the game, some of them having a low-end PC.

In the game, you start off as a really weak Vampire, like a newborn baby. And you hunt for blood, kill enemies (including other players sometimes), build, and conquer the Goth world. It is an open-world game with a huge map and a lot of places to visit.

If you’re a gamer who aspires to play V Rising but is coming across frame lag or other issues, this article will tell you about the best settings to avoid the same. Let’s get into it.

Best V Rising Settings

When it comes to the audio and control settings, everyone has their own preference. So, we will keep this guide strictly for Graphic Settings. These are the best video and Graphic settings for V Rising. To access these, just press Escape while you’re in-game and head over to Settings and then Graphic Settings.

Setting NameOptimal Setting
Quality PresetMedium
Screen ResolutionNative
Window ModeFullscreen Window
BrightnessYour Preference
Ambient OcclusionLow
ShadowLow (You can increase to medium if your PC doesn’t lag after all the settings here)
Volumetrics QualityMedium
AMD FSR 1.0Performance
Vertical SyncOFF
Motion BlurOFF
Depth of FieldON
High Quality VegetationOFF
Low Quality AtmosphereOFF
Blood Effects EnabledON
Cloth QualityMedium
Cloth Update RateMedium
Best V Rising Settings

That is all for the best V Rising settings. Hope this article was helpful.

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