V Rising | Cloth & Cotton Yarn Guide How to make & farm?

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In the game: V Rising, the vampire needs to claim the power & knowledge of some powerful V blood carriers. For this, you, as a player needs to defeat in order to gain varied powers and wisdom related to traits of the V blood carriers.

The role-playing vampire gains more powers such as changing its form, mining skill, combat skill, etc., and many other level ups which becomes helpful during leveling up in the game.

How To Claim Cotton Yarn & Loom?

By defeating V blood carriers such as Beatrice at ‘Level 38’, you could unlock the loom and cotton yarn.

blood tracker of v b ea811
Beatrice- the tailor (At Level 38 V Blood Carrier)

How To Make Cotton Yarn From Cotton Reagents & Then The Clothes?

After defeating her, all her tailoring skills would get transferred to you, and also you’d be able to claim the loom (a workstation used for refining fibers into various fabrics). Now, you just need to add the cotton reagents into the loom and claim the cotton yarn. Afterward, you just need to make the clothes. Everything is just a click away.

cotton yarn making
Cotton yarn making

How To Find Cotton Farm?

However, the cotton reagents are still in need for making cotton yarn and finally, the clothes. Therefore, to claim the cotton reagents, you have to harvest cotton at cotton farms in regions on the map where they are present:

  1. Open the map.
  2. Look out for regions where the cotton farms are present by hovering over the map.
  3. Click on the cotton farm.
  4. Then, you need to just destroy the farm using your very beloved attack button.
Cotton farm regions on map
Cotton farm regions on map

Cotton Seeds

To harvest cotton at your own farm, the cotton seeds are required, which you could find at the farms or houses near the cotton farm or, rarely, as a drop in the open world. Just collect it using the ‘Pick-up’ button.

Container near the houses nearby cotton farm
Container near the houses nearby cotton farm

Prerequisite Tool For Harvesting

For harvesting cotton, you would require to craft copper tools that would be suitable for it. To get copper, you could mine at the copper mines region, where you would find copper lying around it.

Copper mining in V rising
Copper mining in V rising

So, that’s all. Just refer to the following videos from the YouTube channels and recall everything from what I have explained.

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