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V Rising Create and Change Dedicated Private Server Settings

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“Awaken as a vampire. Hunt for blood in nearby settlements to regain your strength and evade the scorching sun to survive. Raise your castle and thrive in an ever-changing open world full of mystery. Gain allies online and conquer the land of the living.”

The newly released game V-Rising has taken the internet by storm. Surpassing over 1 million new players in less than one month, Stunlock’s community manager said, in an interview with IGN, “There’s definitely lots more to come”.

V-Rising Vampire Sword

As a co-op game, V Rising has the many interactive features including allowing the players to create and edit Private Servers. This guide will help you know how you can edit Private Servers in V-Rising.

Two options to set up a private server:

  • Buy a server from GPortal (paid, rented)
  • Set up a server with SteamCMD/Steam itself (free)

How to edit a GPortal dedicated server:


A Gportal server is paid because it is easy to use and has good performance. Less tech-savvy people can also avoid all the hassle of setting up the server yourself.

The way to edit dedicated private server settings on gportal is simple:

  • Click on “My Server”
  • Go to “V Rising Server”
  • From the left menu, select “Basic Settings”
  • Edit any of the 60 available settings here.


V rising private server JSON

Navigate to:
Steam\steamapps\common\VRising\VRising_Server\VRisingServer_Data\StreamingAssets\Settings”. Here you will find a few important files:

  • “adminlist.txt”: Allows you to add player names and make them admin.
  • “banlist.txt”: Allows you to add player names you want banned from your server.
  • “ServerGameSettings.json”: Edit the server options
  • “ServerHostSettings.json“: Edit the server settings

The file we need to edit is ServerGameSettings.json, in here you should see the following:

V rising private server settings.

This is a guide on how you can change/edit private dedicated server settings. Make sure to check out our other v-rising guides such as how to defeat Foulrot the Soultaker and where to find him.

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