V Rising | Foulrot The Soultaker’s Location + Where To Find Him

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The rapid success of V-Rise, a vampire themed survival game, has taken even its developers by surprise. It is an open world RPG with lots of adventure, exploring, building and co-op possibilities. This is a guide to find and defeat one of the higher-level bosses, which is the main way to progress and get epic items.

So, are you finally ready to take on the level 62 boss Foulrot? Welcome to the one-stop guide which will show you where to find the Soultaker and what drops you get once you defeat him.

Foulrot appearance in blood altar

To begin the process, you should be level 60+ and have unlocked the BLOOD ALTAR.
Since this is quite a high level boss, your gear level needs to be around the same level to be able to activate the blood trace to him.

Once you have found him in your blood altar and are properly equipped, Click on track blood and follow the red trails. You should then be able to find the boss roaming around the Ancient Village area.

Loot found in ancient Village

Tips on fighting him:

  1. Foulrot the Soultaker will summon souls to attack you which you need to prioritize and take out first.
  2. It is also suggested that you take him to a tight space to take down these souls easier.
  3. Make sure to dodge the glowing circles as projectiles will rain down in the area.
  4. He will also teleport around and you need to be on your guard, keeping your distance as you shoot at him with a ranged weapon.
  5. Keep dodging these attacks and you should be home in time for dinner.

What the horse-head will drop:

Killing Foulrot the Soultaker will unlock 3 new recipes:

  • Phantom’s Veil
  • Spectral Dust
  • Banshee

Which can be combined to get a new power:

  • Mist Trance

Looking for a new challenge?

Here is a list of the locations of other bosses, the way to find them requires similar use of the Blood Altar.

V-Rise Bosses

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