V Rising | How To Get Twilight Snapper Easily Guide 2022

In the ‘V Rising’ game, many of the items are required for various purposes. From crafting things that give armor, health, etc. up to the summoning of untraceable V blood carriers like Putrid rat to defeat it, the items are very much useful. So, let’s begin.

There is a huge demand for items, which you could claim by destroying things, creatures, etc. around the game and also by defeating V blood carriers.

Items collection

Why Twilight Snapper?

One of the crucial items is the twilight snapper, which is required for the summoning of Putrid Rat (V blood carrier target with the absence of track blood button).

Fishing of Twilight snapper V Rising
Fishing of Twilight snapper

Twilight snapper Prerequisites

The twilight snapper fish is one of the items required for unlocking the putrid rat form. Through fishing, you could get the twilight snapper, but it is not too easy because you will need the fishing pole.

Twilight snapper in the Vermin nest V Rising
Twilight snapper in the Vermin nest

Prerequisites For Crafting Fishing Pole

To claim the fishing pole, you need to have a wood workbench constructed and collect the items such as planks, copper ingots, and coarse threads.

Crafting of the Fishing rod V Rising
Crafting of the Fishing pole on Wood workbench

How To Fish?

After crafting the fishing pole, you would have to go out fishing. So, here goes the following steps to catching fish:

  1. Cast your fishing pole by clicking the attack button.
  2. Wait for the fish to get caught with a huge splash of water.
  3. At that instant, click the attack button and finally hook the fish.
Fishing game V Rising
Fishing game in the V Rising

Fishing Tip

The twilight snapper is generally, found during the night, but you must also need to try fishing during the daytime at the proper time and place in the shadows.

Daytime Fishing V Rising

You could refer to the below video from one of a YouTube channel to get a quick recall of all the things which I explained. Hope that it was helpful.

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