VALKYRIE ELYSIUM Ultimate Beginner Guide: Tips & Tricks

Valkyrie Elysium is the fifth name in the Valkyrie series of RPGs, coming to PlayStation and PC through Steam. The game is developed and published by Square Enix.

A Valkyrie descends on a devastated Earth during Ragnorok in the demo. Her goal was to purify spirits, gather the Einherjar, a group of warriors, and do all she could to save this difficult region.

Valkyrie Elysium will be available in a matter of days, but you can test it right now! Both the PS5 and PS4 have a free demo that can be downloaded and played. It allows you to experience the game’s early levels so you can see how the plot unfolds and get a feel for the thrilling, hectic action. Even better, the complete game saves all of your progress.

We’ve put together the best beginner tips to assist you to get started because it’s a huge ask and a difficult challenge. With this guide, you’ll soon be able to cleanse souls like a pro in no time.

Learn Weapon Combos


You may deal out a variety of combos, from fast hits to continuous assaults, by chaining together various combinations of light and heavy attacks. You will have a significant advantage in warfare if you are aware of them and when to employ them. Additionally, you’ll appear more fashionable in battle the more proficient you are at combos.

With a long combo that causes a tonne of damage, you can whale on the opposition with a succession of four light attacks before finishing with a heavy. You can view the available combos by selecting “Action Display” from the Equip menu and selecting a certain weapon.

Look Out for Unpurified Souls

Sometimes the soul of an opponent you killed lurks nearby. These souls will greatly enhance the powers of any adversary who consumes them. It would hurt a lot if you were struck by one of these soul-fueled enemies.

Try to purify their souls before they encounter another enemy to prevent this suffering. This is of course done by attacking them. You can escape the stress and danger of elevated enemies with a single stab from your weapon, which will cause the soul to disappear from the battlefield.

Upgrade Valkyrie Often


The number of magic stones you have acquired will appear on the side of the screen as you collect them. The Valkyrie can only carry so much; if you’re collecting gems and nothing pops out, you’ve reached your limit.

They serve no purpose if you hoard them; instead, use them to advance your character. You can allocate your gems in any of the three skill trees—Attack, Defense, and Support—found under the Valkyrie tab in the main menu.

Exploit Weaknesses of Enemies

In Valkyrie Elysium, every foe has a minimum of two weaknesses: an elemental weakness and a weapon weakness.

Additionally, elemental assaults offer a benefit. A gauge on the left side of the enemy’s health bar will fill up when you attack them with their elemental weakness. They will enter the state known as Elemental Crush once this gauge is full.

They will be rendered powerless and stunned as a result, making them easy prey for the Valkyrie.

Break Everything You Find


Crates, barrels, and other items are scattered around the area as you explore; these are the remains of a once-vibrant society.

Break whatever you come across. You’ll frequently find magic stones inside, which you can use to enhance Valkyrie’s weapons and purchase new skills for her. In other words, committing acts of blatant vandalism strengthens you and feels incredibly fulfilling.

Experiment with Different Divine Arts

With Divine Arts, Valkyrie can perform a variety of fantastic talents, such as charged attacks, healing balms, scorching lances of flame, and startling lightning bolts.

Up to four of these attacks can be equipped at once, and it’s worth experimenting with different combinations to determine which ones perform best in each situation. Make sure that your area also has elemental attacks that can Crush foes. In conclusion, there is a tonne of room for various builds and combos, and it’s enjoyable to experiment with them all.

That covers up almost everything you need to learn. You may also check out the official guide from Square Enix for Valkyrie Elysium.

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