VALKYRIE ELYSIUM Ultimate Beginner Guide (Tips & Tricks)

valkyrie elysium

This article will guide the Valkyrie Elysium plays about the game in general with some tips to follow for a better experience. Valkyrie Elysium is the first console game released in the series of JRPGs in over a decade and this time it is an action-packed RPG with closer ties with titles like Devil May Cry. You assume the role of a valkyrie and travel through Midgard freeing trapped souls and trying to prevent the Ragnarok from happening at any cost.

As a player, you would be interested to know about the trophy system, well, most of the trophy list contains standard JRPG fare which requires you to complete all of the side content and fully upgrade your character.

This also requires two playthroughs as the difficulty trophies do not stack. The is no new game + more yet so be prepared to start both playthroughs from the absolute start.

Below is the flow that you can follow for giving you a head start:

Play on Normal mode, and complete all side quests

valkyrie elysium action

The first walkthrough must be on normal difficulty to get yourself familiar with the mechanics. Since the trophies do not stack, it is generally easier to start on normal mode and complete everything to obtain S ranks.

For this mode, you don’t have to buy or grind for anything or worry about the weapon upgrades and stuff as the default will be sufficient. You can re-play chapter 9 as it can lead to multiple endings based on your choices.

Cleanup & SSS proficiency

After completing normal more, clear all your S rank and trophies and work towards reaching SSS proficiency with all the main game weapons which will now require some grinding.

Play on Hard

Playing on Hard mode will trigger Ending 3. Since you have already played the game before, you would know what to expect and at what point. Ending 3 can be triggered by agreeing to Armand’s offer thus ending chapter 9 very early on and skipping the final boss fights for good.

valkyrie elysium action 2

Guide on Mid Chapter trophy unlocks

After your first playthrough, you can select which part of what mission you want to do. This will allow you to further unlock more trophies that you could otherwise couldn’t unlock before as you had to complete the game at least once.

Be sure to reach the end of the chapter and which will then save the progress you made as mid-chapter weapon load-outs and achievements aren’t saved independently.

This should be able to give you a starter heads-up guide as to what to expect and how to go about the gameplay for the best experience.

Follow the official site to know more about the game –

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