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Top 5 Valorant Aimbot Crosshair for Insane AIM

Valorant is one of the most challenging games in terms of aiming. If you are struggling with your aim, then the main reason behind that is your Crosshair. We have posted the top 5 Crosshairs that will give you aimbot-like aim in valorant.

Crosshairs are the best option in-game that can help you become a better player. The best part is that you can customize your Crosshair in valorant as your personal preference, but I suggest you use our aimbot crosshairs to win every fight in the game.

This guide will tell you the best crosshair settings that can help you get aimbot aim in valorant. Pro valorant players test these crosshairs. If you want to become a Pro, I will suggest you use the crosshairs mentioned below.

What is the Aimbot crosshair for valorant?

Aimbot Crosshair in Valorant is a very simple and unique crosshair. This Crosshair will help you get aim like pro players to win every 1v1 fight in the game. I have seen many players struggling with their aim, So I decided to make a guide.

All of these crosshairs are created by a Youtuber called J5TN. He has been making so many awesome crosshairs for valorant to help you become a better player in the game. I have been using his crosshairs for over six months now, and I have seen good results in my gameplay.

Clear Edge Crosshair

This Crosshair is a very simple crosshair that is a better modification of plus crosshairs for valorant. It is more transparent and more responsive. I will suggest you try this one out because it’s the best one yet.

Clear Edge crosshair is made for people who love the old school plus sign Crosshair in csgo and valorant, This Crosshair is so good, but sometimes it’s hard to see through the bold lines. That’s why in the clear edge crosshair, we removed the bold lines and made them hollow.

Clear Edge Crosshair valorant aimbot

Clear Edge Aimbot Valorant Crosshair Settings

Inner LinesOn / 0 / 5 / 4 / 2
OutlinesOn / 1 / 1
Outer LinesOn / 0 / 6 / 2 / 2
Center DotOn / 1 / 4
Fade/Movement/Firing ErrorOff / Off / Off

The Perfect Dot Crosshair

Perfect Dot Crosshair is a very basic crosshair that is a better modification of the dot crosshair. For some people, the dot crosshair is hard to see sometimes. Therefore this Crosshair by Justin is so good that it will help you become a better valorant player.

Sometimes, the small dot crosshair is not viable for many people, so here is perfect. I prefer this Crosshair because it is ideal if your monitor is far away and looking for a simple but efficient crosshair for valorant.

The Perfect Dot Crosshair valorant aimbot

Perfect Dot Valorant Aimbot Crosshair Settings

Inner LinesOn / 0.607 / 1 / 8 / 1
OutlinesOff / 1 / 1
Outer LinesOn / 1 / 2 / 2 / 2
Center DotOn / 1 / 6
Fade/Movement/Firing ErrorOff / Off / Off

4 Dots Crosshair

This crosshair is unique crosshair. It always reminds me of splinter cell games. You can test this Crosshair out for yourself. 4 Dots crosshair will give you an aimbot-like aim so that you can rank up faster.

4 Dots crosshairs are for people who love the splinter cell games. I am a huge fan of the franchise. This Crosshair has helped through tough matches as the space between the circles is an excellent position to place enemy heads and see them.

4 Dots Crosshair valorant aimbot

4 Dots Aimbot Crosshair Valorant Settings

Inner LinesOn / 1 / 5 / 3 / 4
OutlinesOff / 1 / 1
Outer LinesOn / 1 / 3 / 5 / 5
Center DotOff / 0 / 2
Fade/Movement/Firing ErrorOff / Off / Off

Flower Crosshair

It’s a simple and very minimalistic crosshair for valorant. It doesn’t cover the enemy head, so you have a clear view of your enemy head. I have used this Crosshair for three months, and it’s so good it will help you improve your gameplay style.

The Flower Crosshiar looks good while playing valorant. Many people have in-game have asked me to provide the settings for it. This Crosshair is generally for people who like their Crosshair medium-sized and well designed.

Flower Crosshair valorant aimbot

Flower Aimbot Crosshair Valorant Settings

Inner LinesOn / 0 / 4 / 10 / 2
OutlinesOn / 1 / 1
Outer LinesOn / 0 / 3 / 4 / 4
Center DotOn / 1 / 4
Fade/Movement/Firing ErrorOff / Off / Off

Small Circle Valorant Crosshair

Small Circle Crosshair for valorant is an epic crosshair. It has been used by so many pro players across the world. This Crosshair is very simple. Trust me when I say this, Crosshair is so good that it feels like an aimbot.

This Crosshair is generally for people who sit close to their computer screens. If you are using this Crosshair and your screen is not a perfect distance, it becomes tough for you to see the Crosshair and the enemy head.

Small Circle Valorant Crosshair aimbot

Small Circle Aimbot Crosshair Valorant Settings

Inner LinesOff / 1 / 1 / 4 / 2
OutlinesOff / 1 / 1
Outer LinesOn / 0.339 / 1 / 2 / 3
Center DotOff / 1 / 2
Fade/Movement/Firing ErrorOff / Off / Off

Special Thanks to u/linedeck on Reddit for the brilliant suggestions for the article.

byu/futuregamingio from discussion

Please note that you need to be at least decent at the game and know all the basics of playing a multiplayer game. If you are very new to the game, these crosshairs won’t help you, but practice will make sure you watch videos to get better.

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