Valorant Movement Guide: Top 5 Movement Tips (Must Follow)

With the VCT 2022 coming closer, Valorant all over the world is excited. In a short amount of time, the super hit title from Riot Games has dominated the world E-Sports stage, with Valorant being used as the main competitive E-Sports game in many tournaments, replacing CS-GO.

There’s no denying that Valorant has become a very big name in the gaming industry. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Radiant player or a Bronze player, no one likes to lose. Everyone wants to be good, but many players are still struggling to get kills, and this leaves them frustrated and in a rage.

Valorant movement

This guide will tell you how to stop making some common mistakes in your movement in Valorant and will tell you about some good tips you can use to perform better movements to outplay your opponents and get those kills.

Flash and Move.

In Valorant, many agents have abilities that provide different utilities in the game to gain the upper hand. One such ability is flashing or blinding. It blinds the enemy for a few seconds.

The right play to enter a site or engage in gunfights is to flash first, then enter or swing inside. Many players successfully blind their opponents, but they fail to swing correctly and get themselves killed.

This is because they make a predictable swing and the enemy keeps shooting even if they are blinded. To avoid this mistake, you can delay your swing or entry by half a second after you flash.

Stay Away From your Team-mates!

Valorant is a tactical shooter, and tactical shooters require good skill as well as teamwork to win, but a very common mistake that people make is to move in on a site with their teammate. I mean, it is the right play.

You should move in with your teammate, but make sure you are both not lined up. This is a common mistake that players make and they get punished heavily for it. They line up while moving inside and give away free double kills.

Try to have some distance between you and your teammate while moving in and don’t fear getting killed. Communicate with your teammates and trust that if you get killed, they will trade with you. Play for the team, not for yourself.

Valorant movement1

Don’t be Predictable.

It is a common mistake that many players make and don’t seem to bother fixing. It is a predictable play. If you are going to the same site, to the same positions and angles, and peeking the same distances, it will become obvious to a smart opponent to expect you at the same place again.

This gives him an advantage in terms of pre-placing of crosshairs or pre-firing, which can result in you being killed without even having a chance to retaliate.

You can fix this easily, but you need to have your consciousness active while swinging. You need to remind yourself that you have done this play a few times already and need to switch things up a little. This will give you the edge over the opponents and even polish you as a player because you will be playing more in different positions than usual.

Make no noise while movement

Information is very crucial in Valorant, and sometimes, in the heat of the game, players forget that the footsteps they give out can be silent. Holding the shift button while moving makes your walk silent.

You should remember to walk silently when entering a site or in a 1v1 situation with an enemy. You can also silently jump by holding the shift button while jumping.

Valorant movement2

Overusing the W key, Strafe and Jiggle peek

Another common movement mistake you need to take care of is overusing the W key. It is advised to stop holding the W key and use A and D when you are in gun fights. Using the A and D keys to make a to-and-fro movement from right to left or left to right is called strafing.

Strafing makes it harder for you to get hit by the opponent. It is a technique that is almost used in every tactical shooter game and must be learned and utilised as it never gets old. Jiggle peeking is strafing, but behind a cover. You do those same to and fro motions behind a cover to peek and get info or engage in gunfights to have the upper hand with a cover.

These were some basic tips on movement which would improve your play in Valorant if applied. For more of the latest news, guides, tips, and tricks related to games and technology, remember to subscribe to our newsletter.

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