How to Use Vandal Properly in Valorant (Guide)

I’ll be discussing how to use Vandal effectively in Valorant currently. There are several firearms to choose from in Riot Games’ tactical first-person shooter VALORANT. It’s critical to understand the game’s weaponry if you want to become a pro in it.

That’s why we’ve created a set of weaponry manuals for VALORANT firearms that go through the weapon’s cost, effectiveness, and recoil management. The guide to the Vandal rifle will be discussed in this tutorial.

Valorant comes with a variety of firearms from various categories to accommodate a variety of game styles. What factors should you consider when there are 17 different firearms to pick from in six distinct categories? Then there’s the debate about whether to buy the Phantom or the Vandal for 2900 credits.

What is Vandal?

The Vandal is one of Valorant’s four Rifles. As the second-highest costly Rifle, you’ll need to save aside enough Credits to include it in your Agent’s arsenal. The Vandal seems to have a 25-round capacity and a full-auto fire capability.

While the weapon appears to be a must-have on theory, there are other aspects to consider if you want to improve your skills and acquire those all-important frags.

Is Vandal Good?

The Vandal, unlike certain other firearms in the game, is not limited by range. That is, if you strike somebody at the level range or on the opposite side of C-Long on Haven, you will do the same amount of damage.

With the Vandal, one shot to the head (160 damage) is enough to kill your opponent, regardless of what armor they’re carrying. As a result, the Vandal is exceptionally successful in rapidly dispatching enemies.

Damage Stats:

The Vandal is a dangerous adversary. Any target, at any distance, may be killed with one headshot. Body shots deliver less power, “just” 40, yet that’s quite enough to take out an adversary with just four body shots.

The Vandal’s fire rate is much lower than the Phantom’s: when fired in hip fire position, the Vandal shoots 9.25 rounds per second, and when zoomed in, it fires 8.32 bullets per second.

  • Magazine capacity: 25
  • Wall Penetration: Medium
  • Fire rate: 9.75 rounds/sec
Valorant: Vandal damage stats

Recoil Control

Regrettably, the Vandal’s tremendous blow comes with a significant degree of recoil. It’s relatively identical to the Phantom’s, except it’s a little worse. After the first few rounds, the Vandal begins to pull higher till it approaches its highest peak.

The weapon’s back-and-forth swings from left to right kick in at this point, making it highly imprecise and hard to control. The sway has no predetermined tempo; thus, the Vandal may occasionally bounce back after one round. It will shoot many shots other times before swinging back in the other direction.

This isn’t a significant deal at close range. The Vandal is accurate enough, and the recoil isn’t severe enough to make or break a duel—as long as your aim is solid and your response time is quick, you’ll likely win.

However, in medium- to long-range combat, you must shoot in small bursts or manage recoil. The easiest way to control the recoil is to drag your mouse down gently at first, counteracting the upward tendency.

When the Vandal begins swinging back and forth, alter your focus as soon as it reaches the outermost point so you may immediately oppose it when the Vandal swings in the opposite direction.

Tips For Perfect Aim With Vandal:

  1. Pros and Cons of Vandal: As Phantom, Vandal has no damage drop-off with frequency, ensuring you do the same amount of damage at all distances. Because of this, it has a somewhat decreased firing rate. You’ll also notice a series of numbers that indicate the weapon’s strength based on whatever body part it strikes, which fluctuates by head, body, and legs. Phantom also has a range limit. When playing vandal, aim for angles where you’ll be 15 meters or more away from the opponent players at initial sight, giving you an edge in the first combat.
  2. Do not spray through smoke: While it may appear to be your only option in many cases, it is not an intelligent decision. Because Phantom is equipped with a suppressor, adversaries cannot see where the shots are originating from. On the other hand, Vandal can see where shots are coming from and may strike in that position to kill you. Don’t just shoot in smokes against other players who aren’t aware of this.
  3. Reset your recoils: As before said, you should fire up to three bullet bursts. The impact takes a little time to adjust when you stop, and you may then fire three bullet bursts with near-perfect precision. There’s an excellent technique involved. To put it to the test, head to the range and fire up to 9 shots without ADS. Your crosshair will automatically hop up and slowly return to its previous position when you finish shooting. Your recoil will be reset once it returns to that position. The longer you shoot, the longer it takes to reset; you’ll be surprised at how quickly it resets after just three rounds.
  4. Aiming Down Sights: ADS does three things
  •  Reduces your fire-rate
  •  Changes your recoil pattern
  •  Lowers your movement speed

It would be best if you were not ADSing in 99 percent of circumstances. Only ADS at a range of 40 meters or more when you can’t see the adversary. Alternatively, if your eyesight is impaired and you can’t see beyond a certain distance.

Other than that, never. The disadvantages are too significant. Spraying is not an option when doing ADS. Spraying is achievable with only one tap attempt. If you’re having trouble deciding what 40 meters is, imagine you’re an Operator again. What positions would you hold? That’s the location

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