Victoria 3: How to Easily Increase Authority

In a race amongst the world to claim their place in the sun, Victoria 3 pits players into the early 1800s, with a country of their choice, and the liberty to take decisions for it. These political, economic and diplomatic decisions will let you change the fate of millions, and shape society.

Released on 25th October 2022, Victoria 3 is a Grand Strategy game developed and published by Paradox Interactive. This game lets players change the course of history, and take paths through the use of war or diplomacy.

In this article, we will discuss the procedure of increasing Authority in Victoria 3. For more content regarding Game Guides, visit our Guides Tab.

Source: Steam

How to Increase Authority (Laws)

The three major Capacities in Victoria 3 are Bureaucracy, Influence, and Authority. The Authority capacity denotes the power you have over internal changes and decisions of the country. These decisions may include the issuance of decrees, interest groups management, and tax collection.

All countries start at the base value of Authority. The best way of increasing Authority is to enact specific laws, which give the players a straight Authority increase. The laws which give the people more freedom, generally are detrimental to your Authority stats.

For eg. enacting laws for a wider distribution of voting power, or anything which is Libertarian in nature. Below are the laws which affect Authority directly. Make sure to keep a healthy balance in your country!

Source: Steam

Distribution of Power

  • Autocracy: +250 Authority
  • Oligarchy: +200 Authority
  • Landed Voting: +150 Authority
  • Wealth Voting: +100 Authority
  • Census Suffrage: +50 Authority
  • Anarchy: -50% Authority


  • Ethnostate: +200 Authority
  • National Supremacy: +200 Authority
  • Racial Segregation: +100 Authority
  • Cultural Exclusion: +50 Authority

Church and State

  • State Religion: +200 Authority
  • Freedom of Conscience: +100 Authority
Source: Steam

Economic System

  • Command Economy: +25% Authority

Trade Policy

  • Isolationism: +50% Authority

Free Speech

  • Outlawed Dissent: +200 Authority
  • Censorship: +100 Authority
  • Right of Assembly: +50 Authority
Source: Steam

How to Increase Authority (Bonus+Technology)

If you have a ruler who is popular amongst the people, then you will get an Authority boost, and traits such as Political Operator give you a +5% Authority gain. The Church Interest Group also gives you a +10% Authority gain when they have 5 happiness, which activates a group trait.

Finally, there will be Authority gains for enacting Technologies which are more liberal in nature, from the Society Technology Tree.

  • Mass Communication: +10% Authority
  • Nationalism: +10% Authority
  • Pan-nationalism: +10% Authority
  • Political Agitation: +10% Authority
  • Mass Propaganda: +10% Authority
Source: Steam

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