Victoria 3 Naval Invasions: Promote/Maintain A Strong Navy

Along with emerging your nation, Victoria 3 allows you to wage war against other nations finished both land and sea. Although ground warfare requires you to raise pulverized troops, to principal the seas you would necessity a robust navy.

On a great scale, your ability to guard and sustain your nation straight depends on your control of the sea. For which you would need a clothed navy. Also, most of the trade in Victoria 3 is done the sea so there is another rationale for having a robust navy.

In this guide, we will cover the whole thing you need to know about naval warfare in Victoria 3:

How To Promote/Maintain A Strong Navy in Victoria 3

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Just like how ground forces rest in quarters, the Navy forces lie in Flotillas. This is the place where your sailor’s rest, all the battlewagons are constructed and maintained. Do note that a Flotilla can only be built sideways on a coast that your nation owns.

Flotillas function nearly like Barracks in the sense that they also require resources like ammunition, Radios, Servicemen, and then Officers to remain functional.

The key difference between Flotillas and Barracks is that they take an extended time to construct and advance. Therefore, you need to idea about building them as early as possible, preferably before your rival nation starts construction on their Flotillas.

Another key difference between Flotillas and Barracks is that your nation’s navy is always considered to be in lively service. In peace, Navy troops’ resource consumption is limited by custody of them on low-slung alert.

During times of war, you can only mobilize the troops necessary by selecting them. While the Navy’s Admirals have their own special needs as likened to Generals for ground troops.

As time goes on, snowballing your Naval capabilities is significant but it should be done in balance with the economical with which you are consecutive.

 Wage Naval War in Victoria 3

Once you have endorsed a number of your navy’s servicemen to Admiral Rank, you would get access to an alike feature that ground troops Generals have. You would need to set up groups of warships that perform exact tasks using your Flotillas.

Naval Invasions: This allows your Admiral to companion Generals to their respective land throngs on a war front.

Raid Convoys: This group bouts and purge hostile supply convoys which staves your enemies from supplies.

Escort Convoys: The group guards your supply convoys against enemy raiders

Patrol Coast: These groups petrol and defend your coasts from hostile warships.

Using these groups, you can take a share in naval warfare!


On the other hand, navies offer you considerable Power Projection which confers substantial Prestige onto your country. Partaking in a world-class navy is not strictly a requirement to be a Great Power, chiefly if you’re a large self-sustaining terrestrial empire, but it aids you both gain and holding onto the title.

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