Video Horror Society – How to Play Monster in VHS (Guide)

Video horror society is a 4v1, asymmetrical battle to the death in which two sides; the teens and the monsters, play against each other. Here are some tips to help you with the monster role in VHS.

Monster are the solo, hunting side in VHS. The goal of the monster side is to hunt for and attack the teens, wound them enough to kill them while defending themselves from teen weaponry.

  • Every monster has its own unique abilities which can be unlocked by completing its character journey, the progression system in VHS. On Completing a full tier of any one monster’s journey the tier’s perks will also be available to all other monsters. Monsters don’t receive any perk point discounts, unlike teens.
  • Each monster has its own unique abilities and shares the ability to scream, enrage, and feast.
  • Each monster has a rage bar, which is filled over time. A successful attack on healthy teens boosts the rage bar by about 33%, though downing a teen or being injured completely depletes the rage bar. A full rage bar will enrage the monster and their next attack will down a teen regardless of their current health.
  • When a teen is downed, the monster has a choice to feast on them. This ability slowly increases the monster’s rage bar but at the cost of having the monster visibly revealed map-wide to every teen during the feasting.

There are mainly 3 types of monsters with their own special perks and abilities which are-

  • Werewolf
  • Doll Master
  • W.A.R.T

Keep your ears open

This game heavily relies on sound than most. The most important thing, in order to locate the teens, is to listen to the sounds. The initial sound a monster will listen to is of the crafting station which is distinct for every station based on the stigma it makes weapons for. Listen to footsteps which also depends on the material of the surface they’re running on. Some areas have a wood or metal floor while other have carpets.

Some other important sounds include teens that are searching vending machines or trash cans, healing, or unlocking the box with the Book of the Dead. Then there are weapon sounds. Every weapon makes a distinct sound while being armed and used and can alert the monster side to be alert and be careful.

Don’t confuse breathing of teens with yours, injured Teens breathe slightly louder than healthy teens. While basic movements like walking and crouch walking make no sound, you will still be able to hear them breathe.

Map Knowledge

Learn the Map Layout inside out, it is the next important thing for the monster side. Since the maps in VHS have a set layout- even workstation locations are fixed, it should be easy to know the most optimal paths. Knowing the hallways and connecting rooms can be very beneficial since you can cut the teens off while on the hunt.

A good knowledge of the map can help you in situations where teens are chasing you with weapons which can suppress their abilities, like Shock Sphere or infernal eye, and deafen them so they solely have to rely on where they last saw you. With a good map knowledge you can trick the teens into thinking you went somewhere else or use shortcuts to gain distance.

Attack, Run and watch out for ambushes

The opposing side wants you dead as much as you want to kill them. They’re as smart, if not smarter than you. So whenever you’re chasing a defenceless teen, remember they could be leading you to a well planned ambush. Some spots are better ambush points than other so be wary of that, know every corner, every spot and look for potential covers if any ambushing teens comes out on the offensive. For example, Windows leading to open spaces are a great ambush so if you have an ability to protect you- like W.A.R.T’s armor- use it before vaulting

Know when to attack, do not go all-out offence, take you time to strategise, strike and know when to run.

Learn you abilities and use the Training Room

The training room can be great to learn your abilities in a safe space and can help you as a monster. Learning your abilities can be very easy but you should be thinking of alternative ways to use it.

For example, you can use the Dollmaster’s ability to teleport to any doll he’s looking at as an attack and get a free hit on the teens other than escaping bad situations or W.A.R.T’s leap which can be used to bait teens into thinking you’re fleeing but turn back and hit other than chasing teens or running away from teens with weapons.

The training room also allows you to freely switch between monsters through a TV unit, so you can check out all monster abilities with ease, their cooldown times and how long they take to get activated.

That’s about all the tips on playing the monster role in VHS. The game has a big learning curve but with enough Patience and perseverance you can become a one man army and induce fears into the teens. Happy playing!

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