Warframe: All Star Days 2023 Items In Ticker’s Shop

The yearly Star Days celebration with Valentine’s theme makes its return in Warframe. Players on all platforms will have plenty of time to purchase the products they desire from the shop because the event will last from February 1 until February 15 at 11 a.m. ET.

This year’s new rewards also feature both the Left Hand of Eros and the Right Hand of Eros Emotes, as well as some never-seen-before Glyphs while the majestic Eros Wings Ephemera, the Eros Arrow Skin, and the Ticker Floof, which are some of Ticker’s favourite inspirational love words, also make their return from previous Star Days celebrations and are now available.

In the “Popular” section of the in-game Market, you can find a few extra things, such as additional Glyph Bundles and the Valentine Color Palette, which you can add to your Inventory for just one Credit.

all 2023 star days items In Ticker’s Shop (Full Inventory & Prices)

The ticker will have the full list of Star Days items you can obtain by exchanging Debt Bonds in her unique, decked-out shop in Fortuna for all new and returning Star Days rewards. Here are all the Warframe Star Days 2023 items and instructions on how to unlock them.

Star Days Rewards
  • Training Debt Bonds
    • 1 Training Debt Bond – Eros Arrow Skin
    • 35 Training Debt Bonds – Eros Wings Ephemera
  • Advances Debt Bonds
    • 10 Advances Debt Bond – Snipetron Blueprint
    • 25 Advances Debt Bond – Ignis Wraith Blueprint
  • Familial Debt Bonds
    • 10 Familial Debt Bonds – Left Hand of Eros emote
    • 10 Familia Debt Bonds – Neon Eros Wings
    • 10 Familia Debt Bonds – Right Hand of Eros emote
    • 10 Familia Debt Bonds – Ticker Floof
    • 25 Familial Debt Bonds – Cherub Color Palette
  • Medical Debt Bonds
    • 5 Medical Debt Bonds – Frostfall Ephemera 
    • 5 Medical Debt Bonds – Kuva Solstice Cloak 
    • 5 Medical Debt Bonds – Skiajati Solstice Skin
    • 15 Medical Debt Bonds –  Star Days Deimos Glyph
  • Shelter Debt Bonds
    • 5 Shelter Debt Bonds – Star Days Gauss Glyph 
    • 10 Shelter Debt Bonds – Acceltra Solstice Skin
    • 10 Shelter Debt Bonds – Protea in Action Glyph 
    • 10 Shelter Debt Bonds – Revenant in Action Glyph
    • 10 Shelter Debt Bonds – Star Days Grineer Glyph
    • 10 Shelter Debt Bonds – Star Days Gyre Glyph
    • 10 Shelter Debt Bonds – Star Days Helminth Glyph
    • 10 Shelter Debt Bonds – Star Days Kavat Glyph
    • 10 Shelter Debt Bonds – Star Days Lavos Glyph
    • 10 Shelter Debt Bonds – Star Days Necramech Glyph 
    • 10 Shelter Debt Bonds – Star Days Ordis Glyph
    • 10 Shelter Debt Bonds – Star Days Ticker Glyph
    • 10 Shelter Debt Bonds – Star Days Yareli Glyph 
    • 10 Shelter Debt Bonds – Xaku in Action Glyph 

While the event is ongoing, Ticker will let you exchange Debt Bonds for any item she has. One of the main prizes for completing Bounty hunts in the open environment of Orb Vallis is these Debt bonds. Go to Eudico if you require cash for a specific item. She will lay out a number of quests for you to choose from. You can see the Debt Bonds you might earn by successfully completing each activity.

In order to find the ideal cosmetic with Valentine’s theme, be sure to complete missions on Orb Vallis, acquire Debt Bonds, and communicate with Ticker. Run as many missions as you can before the Star Days event closes on February 15.

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