Warzone Pacific: Best PC Settings (FPS, Graphics, Visibility)

warzone pacific best settings

The Warzone ‘Pacific’ Caldera, a new Pacific-themed map in Call of Duty: Warzone which was released in early access on December 8 for Vanguard players, is now accessible to everyone since December 9, 2021.

In Warzone, make sure you have the High FPS and Best PC settings that might give you an advantage over your opponents, so we’ve put up the perfect settings guide, that you can follow.

Here are the Best PC settings for Warzone Pacific Caldera to improve performance and visual quality, including every setting in the game which is covered here.

Warzone Pacific Best Windows Settings

Make sure you follow these windows settings in order to get the best output from the windows as well as the graphics card.

Best Graphics Settings Warzone Pacific (low end PC)

To get high FPS in the warzone pacific caldera, you need to get the best out of the graphics settings in the game. Making these settings may help you get more FPS on your low-end PC.

Display & Quality

If you struggling with very low FPS, make sure you enable the Dynamic Resolution and Match your monitor refresh rate with Dynamic Resolution Frame Target. Doing this low down the game resolution, which will increase your FPS.

Also, Make sure you enable the NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency which will activate the low latency mode in Warzone Pacific and will optimize the system latency, and boost your FPS.

Details & Textures

Make sure you set all details and texture settings to low, or you can check High if there are no major differences in the FPS. Also, Disable the On-Demand Texture Streaming which will download high-quality textures to your PC while you are playing.

Post Processing Effects

Make sure the Anti-aliasing is off, or otherwise it will reduce your FPS up to 10 to 20, which is not recommended. Also, change the Filimic Strength to 1.00 for better performance.

Shadow & Lighting

In Shadow & Lighting make sure to Disable the DirectX Raytracing otherwise you may lose up to 20 FPS in the game, which is again not recommended.


Audio Mix: Boost Low or Boost High

The Audio settings depend on your headset settings, so check out which one works the best for you. We recommend you to check the one from Boost Low or Boost High which will give you the best footsteps and other game sounds.

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Best Graphics Settings Warzone Pacific (High end PC)

Display & Quality

If you play on 1080p and have a High-End Graphics card like – 3070, 3080, or 3090, try to change the Render Resolution up to 121, which will make the game look clearer but check if you are losing any FPS so that you can switch it back to default.

Details & Textures

Post Processing Effects

Making the NVIDIA DLSS to Quality may boost your FPS up to 20, but there may be flashing and flickering which may not feel good. Make sure you check this setting by yourself and decide whether to keep the DLSS feature on or off.

Also, You can turn On the Vsync if you want game quality and set it to SMAA T2X but you will lose up to 20 FPS, So if you want to make your game look good Turn Vsync On otherwise Turn it off.

Shadow & Lighting

These were the Best Warzone Pacific Settings which covers Graphics settings – Display, Details, Post-processing effects, and Shadow Options. Make these settings and get huge performance improvement in COD Warzone Pacific.

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