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Developed by @Coeptus for All Ages, Welcome to Bloxburg is a famous upcoming Role-Playing Game released way back on 4th November 2014. It is one of the oldest Roblox RPGs. It is rated for All Ages and contains Violence in the (Mild/Infrequent) Range.

In this game, players build and design their own homes, drive cool vehicles, hang out with their friends, work in the city of Bloxburg, explore, and, roleplay! The game is currently in its 0.11.0 Version, and the Update log is provided here. The game has over 6.9 Billion+ visits.

In this article, we will discuss Welcome to Bloxburg. This Wiki will give you all the information you will need in order to understand Bloxburg at a deeper level. For more content regarding game guides, visit our Guides Tab, which has Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials regarding all types of games.

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  • Use Q and E to turn the screen
  • Use W A S D to move the player’s view in Build Mode.
  • Use I and O to zoom in and out.
  • Use R to rotate items.
  • Use R and LMB to rotate an item facing your cursor.
  • Use G to sell an item.
  • Use Ctrl+Z to undo an action
  • Use Ctrl+Y to redo an action.
  • Use SPACE to give the player a birds-eye view of their plot.
  • Use H to activate or deactivate the grid.
  • Use Page Up and Page Down to move the player’s building up or down a floor.
  • Use F to activate the Paint Tool.
  • Use C to activate the Clone Tool.
  • Use V to activate the Scale Tool.
  • Use T to activate the Transform Tool.
  • Use J to change the grid size.
  • Use K to activate or deactivate object collision.
  • Use U to activate or deactivate roof visibility.
  • Use B to change the time of day (for the player’s plot only while it’s in build mode).
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Features and Gameplay!

Bloxburg is the name of the fictional city on which the game is based. The city is surrounded by a rock border and gets split at the river. Rough trees are found across the map and the two ends of the border are located by the beach.

In this game, you can work as a Seller at Ben’s Ice Cream, a Cashier or Stocker at Bloxburg Fresh Food and Bloxy Burgers, as a Janitor, Woodcutter, Mechanic, Pizza Baker, Delivery Person, Hairdresser, Miner, and even as a Fisherman.

You may also visit the Beach, Beat Nightclub, Bloxburg City Hall, Bloxburg Gym, Campsite, Fancy Furniture, Ferris Wheel, Gazblox, Gliding Range, House, Mountain, Observatory, Parking Garage, and Tunnel.

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