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Where to find and farm Life Motes in New world (All Types)

find life mote new world

Life Motes is one of the essential resources in the new world. These resources can be used for crafting many crucial things like stonecutting and alchemy recipes. You can find these in random crates and alchemy stockpiles in the game.

But many of the players don’t know that there are many other ways to find life motes in the new world. In the Guide, I will tell you all the locations of Life Motes to become a better player.

Life Motes can make Cut Diamond, Eternal Heart, and many other items in the game. These life motes farming spots are far from each other, but there is a higher chance you can find them easily with the Guide we created.

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How to find and farm Life Motes in New World

There are three additional ways to find the Life Motes in the New World. All of them are mentioned below. Please read the article carefully to find and farm life motes easily.

  • Lifebloom
  • Lifejewel
  • Lifemoth

Lifebloom Location

Lifebloom can easily be found near the Windsward and also Monarch bluff. Lifebloom grows near these locations and are spread at a great distance from one another.

Key Note: You need to be at least level 30 in harvesting and must have a sickle to collect all the life motes from the plant. You have to harvest the plant every time you find it To gather more life motes.

When you reach level 45 or above, you can easily spot the life motes on your minimap if they are nearby your location.

Lifejewel Location

Before continuing with the Guide mentioned, make sure you have a minimum of 100 in the mining. Then only you can mine lifejewel. The requirement is high because but you can quickly level up in the new world using our Guide.

Lifejewel can be found near the Great Cleave, Restless shore, Aeternum, and Morning Dale. You can easily find the life jewel using the map mentioned below.

Lifemoth Location

Lifemoth spawns very saturatedly. These are easily spawned in Ebonscale Reach, Edengrove and shattered mountain. Lifemoths are spawned at a very close distance from one another, and you can farm them pretty quickly.

Check the image below to find out the precise locations of the lifemoth.

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