Where To Get Troll Bogeys In Hogwarts Legacy With Location

Troll Hogwarts Legacy

Those who pre-ordered the Hogwarts Legacy’s Collector’s or Digital Deluxe Edition have already gotten their hands on the game, as early access is now live. There are plenty of missions to complete, which also means that there are plenty of ways players can get stuck in the game.

In the already best-selling game, players are often tasked with completing assignments given by different professors. Those who are already progressed in the game will encounter a relatively challenging task during professor Onai’s assignment, which is to find the troll bogeys. If you’re one of them, do not fret, we have got your back.

Professor Onai’s assignment in Portkey Games’ Hogwarts Legacy:

The first two objectives are easy, but the last one can be a little tricky. Before we jump right ahead, if you’re confused about what a troll bogey is, it is exactly the same as what Harry Potter got on his wand after he accidentally stuck it in the troll’s nose in The Sorcerer’s Stone movie. Yes, that’s the nasal mucus. And now you’re fully prepared to find out how to complete the objective.

In order to collect a Troll Bogey, you’ll have to find a troll first. They are mostly found in troll lairs, their homes.

troll lairs in Hogwarts Legacy

You can locate these troll lairs on the map. They appear on the map with an icon that looks like a hand-drawn entrance to a den.

Troll Lair icon reference

Once you find a troll, engage in battle and defeat it. You’ll receive a troll bogey as loot after the troll is defeated. Be careful though, as trolls will give you a good fight, so be prepared to face them. After collecting the troll bogey, you can return to Professor Onai to complete the assignment.

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