Windows 11 Debloater Improve Performance (FPS Boost) 2021

You must have been facing unwanted system software and services messing up your system performance. Windows 11 debloat is a guide that helps you remove unwanted services and system software that hinders the performance of your system.

With this debloater tool, you will remove various unwanted registry keys, preinstalled apps like one drive and other software. You will also get the option to keep the software you want to keep and what to delete.

In this process, we will be using a script by Sycnex and other by Tron. You can try any methods to debloat your PC and remove unwanted services and software that are slowing down your PC’s performance.

Step 1 : Creating Windows Restore Point on Windows 11

Creating a restore point is the best option if, by chance, anything or any process is wrong, and you mess up the settings. Follow these steps for creating a Windows Restore Point :

  • Press Windows Key and type “Create a Restore Point”. A dialogue box labeled “System Properties” will appear on your screen.
Create a restore point windows 11
  • Under System Protection, click on configure and then select the circle before “Turn on system protection”. Leave everything default there. Click on apply.
Create a restore point windows 11
  • Then click on Create button and type a name. This name will be the name of the restore point and then click create.
  • You will get a success message. Your Windows restore point is done.
Create a restore point windows 11

Step 2: Debloat Using Sycnex Script :

  • Now that you have created your restore point now we can start with the debloat part. Close all tabs. Download the script from Sycnex GitHub Link. Click on “Code” in green box and the select download zip.
debloat windows 11 sycnex powershell script ui
  • Extract the file and open the file name “Windows10DebloaterGUI.ps1” and press “CTRL + A” and then “CTRL + C”.
debloat windows 11 sycnex powershell script
  • Press Windows key and search “Windows PowerShell” and click “Run as Administrator”.
  • Paste the copied script in the Windows PowerShell Panel and wait for it to be pasted. After it gets pasted, press “Enter”.
debloat windows 11 sycnex powershell script
  • A GUI will pop up. This is the GUI with which we are going to debloat Windows 11. You will be seeing various options to follow along to do the debloat steps in right way.
debloat windows 11 sycnex powershell script ui

In “Customize block list,” you can select what to block and what not to be blocked. When you have selected all the bloatware. Then click on “Remove Bloatware With Custom BlockList.”

  • Click on “Remove all Bloatware”. There will be some script lines running in Windows PowerShell. Wait for it to complete.
  • Click on “Disable Cortana“. Wait for, it’s completion.
  • Select “Disable Edge PDF”. Wait for, it’s completion.
  • “Enable/Disable dark theme” based on your choice.
  • “Uninstall One drive” as it keeps running in background and slows your computer.
  • Unpin tiles from start menu. It makes faster access to various commands.
  • Install .net v3.5” stable version.

I hope you like this guide.

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