World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Best Gold Farming (Guide)

It might be hard to believe that World of Warcraft was released way back in 2004 considering how massively popular it still remains to this day. The game is one of the most influential titles ever released and is easily the most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) of all time.

The 8th expansion of World of Warcraft called Shadowlands was released in the November of 2020 and has still retained the interests of players all around the world with constant updates and new content for players to experience.

Even though the game may seem very difficult to get into, new players are consistently joining the community to experience what all the hype is about.

Every new player is bound to find out the importance of gold once they start playing the game, so we decided to bring this guide on gold-farming for new players and series veterans who might have missed some techniques.

Why is Gold Important?

The main currency of the World of Warcraft universe is gold so the majority of exchanges you make in the game will be done through gold. It is impossible to progress to the end game without gold. Here are just some of the things for which gold is used in World of Warcraft-

  • Level up Skills
  • Crafting
  • Leveling professions
  • Learn Riding
  • Food
  • Repairs

So it is safe to say that on your journey through the world of the game you are going to need a lot of gold. Gold can be earned in a lot of ways like completing a quest, killing a boss, completing raids, etc. But the natural process of earning gold is really slow so we highly recommend that you should start farming gold as well.

WoW Gold Farming Tips

Here is a list of tips that you should follow when farming gold-

  1. Increase Bag Space – Get the biggest bags to increase your inventory and bank capacity. This is very important once you start farming huge amounts.
  2. Make Bank Alts – if you still have capacity problems try making Bank Alts.
  3. Make a Personal Guild – Be sure to make a guild just for the character you are using, doing so will allow you to use the guild bank for additional storage.
  4. Take Classes with moe movement speed – This might not seem like a big deal but using a class with faster movement speeds could save you a lot of time in the long run.
  5. Use Sky Golem – Sky Golem allows you to loot herbs and mines without dismounting and is a great overall mount, so you should try using the Sky Golem.

WoW Gold Farming Methods

Here are my top 3 farming methods in the latest World of Warcraft patch-

  • Korthite Crystal Farm – In this farm you will focus only on getting Korthite Crystals and selling them for gold. You obtain Korthite Crystals by completing the weekly quests, daily quests, and weekly assaults on Korthite. You also get these crystals as random drops or you can obtain them from chests. These items sell for a good amount of gold so farming them is a great way to get gold fast.
  • Scarlet Monastery Transmog – One of the best Transmog farms can be found in the Scarlet Monastery which is in the Eastern Kingdoms. Keep in mind that this farm is not applicable for beginner players and can only be performed at a high level. Once you reach Scarlet Monastery you will find various small hordes of enemies, what you have to do is kill these enemies over and over again to get gold. This should be no problem at later stages of the game as they die pretty easily at that point of the game. Some players have claimed to get more than 80,000 gold per hour using this farm.
  • Vashj’Ir Farm – This is undoubtedly the best mining and herbs farm in the game and is located in the Vashj’Ir region of the map. In this farm, you just have to go to the Kelp’thar forest and go around the boundary of the map, and farm all the materials you can find. All the items you find here will sell for a good amount of gold but may vary depending on the item. The best thing about this farm is that it is also great for leveling up so you can work towards your levels while farming.

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