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Apex Legends Mobile: WRAITH (Complete Guide) Explained

apex legends mobile wraith guide
Credits: EA

With the release of Apex Legends mobile, many new players are discovering the massively popular battle royale game and trying to get their first win. We know how hard it can be when many players are so familiar with the game already.

One of the best ways to start improving is by choosing your main and sticking to it. If you choose the insanely cool wraith to be your main then this guide is for you as we bring you a guide on how you can play wraith in Apex Legends Mobile.

Wraith’s Kit and How to Fully Use it

Before anything else, a player should be completely familiar with what abilities and usage their character brings to the table. Below is the list of wraith’s abilities and some tips we think you should know.

  • Passive Ability- Voices From the Void
    This passive ability of wraith allows her to get warned when approaching dangerous situations, this is great as it warns the player about potential threats.

    Pro Tip– Always use your prompt to communicate the threats to your teammates and be better co-ordinated.
  • Tactical Ability- Into The Void
    One of the best tactical abilities in the entire game that allows you to enter the void and be safe from any damage for a duration of time. This allows you to get out of dangerous situations easily.

    Pro Tip– Use your tactical ability more defensively, with the main use being to avoid death after making an aggressive play. Play around your tactical and avoid getting into fights with this ability on cooldown.
  • Ultimate Ability : Dimensional Rift
    wraiths ultimate provides her with some team utitlity as it connects two points using portals that both your teammates and enemies can use to travel. The portals are only valid for one minute and has a high cooldown time of 210 seconds.

    Pro Tips– Actually there are a lot of ways this Ultimate can be used:
    1.Lure Enemies– You can lure your enemies to use the portals and setup an ambush they are unlikely to survive on the other side
    2.Flank teams– You can use your portals to surprise the enemy by co ordinating with your entire team and surprising them

Playstyle and Weakness

If you want to play wraith seriously you will have to adapt a highly aggressive and in-and-out style playstyle. You should always try to play around with your tactical ability which is the main element of wraith’s kit and look for aggressive engagements since you have such an easy way to escape in case the fight goes the other way.

You can also use the tactical ability to get outside the ring and flank enemies since you won’t take any damage with your tactical.

wraith 1024x575 1

The main downside to playing wraith is that in terms of team utility there are much better champions that the players can select.

She has very little utility aside from her ultimate ability and is mostly a solo playmaker champ. So if you don’t like such a playstyle you might want to play other utility-heavy champs such as Lifeline or Bloodhound.

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