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WWE 2K22 Best Graphics Settings for LOW-END PC

WWE 2K22 is a wrestling game based on the famous World Wrestling Entertainment. This game has been recently released for PC. Fans of WWE will be able to play this game with its updated roster of wrestlers.

The graphical fidelity of this game is amazing and an improvement from its predecessor, WWE 2K20. PC gamers who do not have access to next-generation hardware can follow this guide to run WWE 2K22 on a low-end PC.

WWE 2K22 Minimum System Requirements.

  • CPU – Intel Core i5-3350/ AMD FX 8150 (AVX compatible processor).
  • RAM – 8GB.
  • OS – Windows 10 64-bit.
  • VIDEO CARD – GeForce GTX 1070/ RX 480.
  • DISK SPACE – 60GB.

WWE 2K22 Best Graphics Settings for low end PC.

To change your graphics settings in WWE 2K22 open the Options tab in the main menu. Click on the Extras tab in the Options menu. You will find Graphics settings in the Extra tab. Follow the list given below to optimize your PC so it can run WWE 2K22.

  1. Change your screen resolution to 1280×720.
  2. Turn off the Shadows option.
  3. Set your Shader quality to low.
  4. Turn off Anti-Aliasing.
  5. Set the Audience rendering to zero.
  6. Delete all your TEMP files in your computer.
  7. Run a Disk Cleanup on the drives on your PC.
  8. Change the Display Resolution of your monitor to a lower setting.
  9. Go to Properties settings by right-clicking in your My Computer folder. Click on Advanced System Settings on the upper right tab. Click on the performance settings. Select the “Adjust for best performance” option in the performance settings menu. Apply and click on OK.

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