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XERA Survival Beginner Guide: Top 10 Tips and Tricks

Xera Survival is an Action-focused, open world survival shooter, PvPvE against fellow mercenaries and lethal XOIDS. This game is developed by Spotted Kiwi Interactive and released for PC on 27 Sep, 2021.

In this guide we will talk about various basic things that you need to know which will help you survive the map. This way you can learn the game faster and dominate the PvP and PvE environment.

Tip 1: How to change the outfit

XERA Survival

When your character spawns you are provided with a normal outfit which looks like an officer outfit with bags, armor, helmet and more. Outfit changes the perspective of the game and also different outfits help you hide better because of their color.

In order to change the outfit you first need to enter the chat, and then you have to type “/outfit“. You can change the outfit multiple times and dark color outfit help you hide better in bushes. These colors are basically that matches the environment.

Tip 2: Bushes : the Best hiding spot

XERA Survival

Bushes are the best play to hide when you are running for the raid, or you see an enemy coming towards you. You can simply hide in the bushes and attack them without them noticing you which gives you an easy win over your opponent.

Since the bush sizes are similar there might be a chance that the enemy might check the bush or pre-fire the bush. This will lead to your death without even actually fighting them so keep your eyes on the enemy movement.

Tip 3: Bottle Refill

XERA Survival

Water is essential for living beings and in this game the water is essential for keeping your hydration level high. So you have to keep drinking water by opening your inventory and using the water bottle. There are two types of water bottle.

You can fill water from the oceans and when it is raining. In order to fill the water bottle open your inventory and click on water bottle and there will be the option for drink or fill choose the option according to your need.

Tip 4: Level Up Guide

XERA Survival

On top of the screen you see the level of your character. This level keeps increasing as you play the game more and more. With increase in level you will be able to add more items in your global inventory.

You can gain experience by killing robots. Killing robots in the outpost with a red hand sign gives you more XP and in this way you can level up faster and increase your global weight which will help you carry more items that helps is PVP.

Tip 5: Looting Players

XERA Survival

When you kill an enemy they will drop all the items they have which can include heal, ammo and other items. In order to pick up the items you need to press and hold E. This will pick item one by one but takes a lot of time.

In order for faster looting you must stand on top of the loot and proximity will appear, and all loot items will appear there. Then you can simply press right-click on the item it will be added directly to your inventory.

Tip 6: Looting Surroundings

XERA Survival

There are different camps and areas that can contain loot. These loot is very valuable and is very helpful while crafting items and these items are very useful in player vs player battle that you can encounter anytime.

Looting items also gives you experience. In order to drop items from your inventory you first need to open then inventory and then drag the required item from your inventory and the items will be dropped from your inventory.

Tip 7: Faster transfer to Global Inventory

XERA Survival

Open the global stash and there you will see player and global inventory. If you are simply dragging or clicking on items one by one it will be a slow and time taking process to move items to global inventory.

In order for fast transfer you need to hold down the shift key and then just simply click on the item that you want in your global inventory. This will help in faster loading of items from your inventory to the global inventory.

Tip 8: Robot Types

XERA Survival

Bots spawn on military base and on airport. There are different types of bots, and they have different feature. You can kill these bots to earn experience points. Before fighting bots first check their types so that you can be prepared.

There are brown bots which are the easiest to kill. Then comes the golden or yellow bots. These bots explode when you kill them. Then the green eye bot is like a boss. These bosses do higher damage and can kill you in two to three shots.

Tip 9: One shot robots with melee

XERA Survival

You can kill the bots in one shot using the melee. Do not kill the bot which explodes on dying with melee as you will be killed easily. This technique is a little harder to learn but once you get a hang of it you can perform it easily.

In order to one shot a robot with melee you have to first jump and look at the head and then hit him with the melee weapon in the head. If you perform this sequence properly you will kill the target easily with one shot.

Tip 10: Metal Scrap and Nails Farming Guide

XERA Survival

First, you need to head to the closest settlement and approach the trader. Then you want to find either a Metal Pipe or a Crowbar. For every 5 pipes or crowbars, you will need 1 nail. So if you want to get 5 nails for a Storage container you will need to buy 25.

Wait until you have the mission “Spend 25,000” and spending a large chunk of that money on These crowbars and metal pipes. You will want to make sure you have plenty of space. After buying the metal pipes and crowbars, you need to dismantle them.

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