Yuzu Emulator Pokemon Legends Arceus Black Screen Fix PC

Pokemon Legends Arceus Yuzu Emulator black screen fix

Yuzu is already one of the best emulators present on the Internet, capable of running practically any game, including the recently released Pokemon Legends: Arceus, in 4k on Windows.

However, certain flaws are vexing at times. The black screen is the most prevalent problem with Yuzu Emulator. We have a quick and straightforward solution for you if you are experiencing the Pokemon Legends Arceus Black screen on Yuzu Emulator.

So, follow the steps below to resolve the black screen issue permanently, and you’ll be able to play the game without any problems.

How to Fix Pokemon Legends Arceus Black Screen on PC – Yuzu Emulator

Several warning messages and difficulties may appear while setting and operating Switch emulators. If the emulator is extensively utilised or the game memory is not being used appropriately inside the windows, it will display a black screen.

Follow the techniques below to resolve the Pokemon Arceus Black screen on your Yuzu Emulator in a matter of minutes:

  1. Try switching from Vulkan to openGL. This can fix the black screen issues sometimes.
  2. Update the Yuzu Emulator to latest version.
  3. Press F4 two times to fix the black screen problem in Yuzu Emulator.
  4. Make sure the Pokemon Legends Arceus file you downloaded is not corrupted.
  5. Uninstall and Reinstall the Yuzu Emulator.

That’s all there is to it. Follow the above methods to permanently remove the black screen from Pokemon Legends Arceus Yuzu Emulator.

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog; I hope I was able to solve your problem. Subscribing to our alerts will keep you up to date on the latest gaming news.

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11 months ago

I had the same issue. However in my case what i needed to do was to update pokenons to 1.01, update yuzu to newest early version, instal newest firmware, and last but not least….. update graphics drivers (i use ryzen 5500u) and problem solved……atleast mostly because there is still a lot of grapgics issues (streaching textuers, mostly on vulkan, changing it to opengl fix most of it but the performance is worse)