Zenith: The Last City: How To Get More Inventory Space Easily

Zenith The Last City How To Get More Inventory Space Easily

In this guide, we will tell you how you can easily increase your inventory space by management of all the inventories available in Zenith: The Last City. This method is can be performed by anyone easily.

Zenith: The Last City is a stunning and flowing virtual reality experience. It’s one of the few VR games that feels polished and has true depth, thanks to actual mechanisms created around VR controllers that completely immerse you in the experience.

How to get more inventory?

There is a super easy method to do this trick. Follow the steps given below:

  • First go to your inventory after hoping in the game.
  • Now there you will see four sections: Gear, Cosmetic, General, and Quest.
  • First equip the items that you want to move from inventory one to inventory 2.
  • You must know that you can keep items in both General and Quest Inventory.
  • Go to your Quest Inventory and then keep placing the equipped items from your body to Quest Inventory.
  • Similarly equip more items and then place them in your Quest Inventory.
  • This way you can increase your inventory in Zenith: The Last City VR easily.
  • This method works with mostly all the items that i have come across.
  • Maybe for some items it does not work that i have not encountered yet.

You can also watch the full tutorial by SlaughterFY by clicking on the below video:

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