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Get Rockstar Energy Nocturne Sky Gold Skins In Halo Infinite

In this guide, we will tell you how you can redeem the Rockstar Energy Nocturne Sky Gold Skins In Halo Infinite easily. This offer runs till December 8 until the campaign of Halo Infinite arrives, so make sure to redeem it before that.

Rockstar Energy has joined hands with the Spartans to provide new skins to the players. These skins are called Nocturne Sky and these are gold coated skins which look awesome in the game.

These Rockstar Energy cans are designed with custom art of the Spartan and has a total of 5 flavors to choose from. You can get these cans on Amazon or you can also check the stores that are close to you.

All Rockstar Energy Nocturne Sky Halo Items

These are the below items you get when you redeem the codes of Rockstar energy every time. With each code, your redeem item changes.

Code 1Power Bundle – 2XP + 2 swaps
Code 2MA40 Bundle – Nocturne Sky Weapon Coating + 2XP
Code 3Power Bundle – 2XP + 2 swaps
Code 4Warthog Bundle – Nocturne Sky Vehicle Coating + 2XP
Code 5Power Bundle – 2XP + 2 Swaps
Code 6Emblem Bundle – Emblem + 2XP
Code 7-1202XP + 2 Swaps
Circle K / Code 1Nocturne Sky Razorback Coating + 5 swaps
Circle K / Code 2+Challenge Bundle 5 swaps
Amazon / Code 1+Challenge Bundle 3 swaps

How To Get Nocturne Sky GOLD ROCKSTAR Energy Halo Infinite Skins

Get Rockstar Energy Nocturne Sky Gold Skins In Halo Infinite
  1. First you have to buy Rockstar Energy limited-edition Halo Infinite cans.
  2. Each can will give you a code.
  3. Now head over to the official website of Rockstar Energy by clicking here.
  4. Then enter the code on screen present before you.
  5. It will navigate you to the login page. Complete this process.
  6. After logging in, you will get another get. You have to use this code on the website of halo.
  7. Click on this link to go to the Halo Infinite Website.
  8. Now log in to your halo account.
  9. Click on your profile picture and then click on redeem code.
  10. Enter the code provided to you on Rockstar Energy website.
  11. Your skin will be automatically added in your library.
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