Halo Infinite: How to Select Best Server, Reduce Ping PC, Xbox

In this guide, we will talk about how you can choose the best server in Halo Infinite based on your region and that will help get the lowest possible ping on your location and which will help you to improve your game experience and performance.

Halo Infinite is a free-to-play online FPS Shooter developed by 343 Games and Powered By Xbox Studios, Microsoft, and it is available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and Series S. It is the sixth game, joining its earlier series from Halo 1 to 5.

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How to select best server and low ping PC

Follow the steps one by one to get the best possible ping in Halo Infinite and dominate the lobbies and reach the highest rank.

  1. Press Windows key and search for Notepad and right click on it, then run as administrator.
  2. In the notepad on the top left, click on file then open.
Halo Infinite How to Select Best Server and Reduce Ping
  1. On the left side, head over to the drive where your windows is installed.
  2. In most case it is “Local Disk C” drive.
  3. Open the drive and then open Windows folder.
  4. Find the System32 folder and open it.
  5. Then open the drivers folder.
  6. Now open etc folder and look for a file named hosts.
  7. The path you have just followed must look like this : “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
  8. If you do not find the file host then on the right side choose from .txt files to All Files.
  9. Select the host file and open it.
  10. Now change the line by pressing the enter key.
  11. Choose the servers from the below list which are near to you and copy them. pfmsqos.australiaeast.cloudapp.azure.com pfmsqos.southafricanorth.cloudapp.azure.com pfmsqos.westeurope.cloudapp.azure.com pfmsqos.southcentralus.cloudapp.azure.com pfmsqos.japaneast.cloudapp.azure.com pfmsqos.japanwest.cloudapp.azure.com pfmsqos.northeurope.cloudapp.azure.com pfmsqos.westus.cloudapp.azure.com pfmsqos.westus2.cloudapp.azure.com pfmsqos.northcentralus.cloudapp.azure.com pfmsqos.eastus2.cloudapp.azure.com pfmsqos.eastus.cloudapp.azure.com pfmsqos.southeastasia.cloudapp.azure.com pfmsqos.centralus.cloudapp.azure.com pfmsqos.brazilsouth.cloudapp.azure.com pfmsqos.eastasia.cloudapp.azure.com
  1. Paste the servers below the text in host file.
  2. Click on file and then click on save.
Halo Infinite How to Select Best Server and Reduce Ping

How to select best server and low ping Xbox

Follow the steps one by one to get the best possible ping in Halo Infinite Xbox version by following similar IP config method.

  1. First, login to your routers settings page. Google the address for your router, it will change with respect to the routers.
  2. Check your routers static routing.
  3. This configuration will let you change router password, change mask and more.
  4. Once you have opened it, find something related to static browsing.
  5. Choose subnet mask: or
  6. Do not change default IP address.
  7. Change the destination IP address that you want to block with one below
    australiaeast -
    southafricanorth -
    westeurope -
    southcentralus -
    japaneast -
    japanwest -
    northeurope -
    westus -
    westus2 -
    northcentralus -
    eastus2 -
    eastus -
    southeastasia -
    centralus -
    brazilsouth -
    eastasia -

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