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Halo Infinite Practice Aim Become Pro : AimLab Trainer Drills

In this guide, we will talk about how you can improve your aim and become pro and climb high ranks using AimLab aim trainer. This aim trainer will help you practice and improve aim through various drills of tracking and flicking and learn better mouse movement.

Aim training is very important for any first-person shooter game is you are a beginner, or you just want to improve your aim and stand out in the crowd with the mechanics of gun sprays, one taps, flicks and much more.

AimLab Halo Infinite Routine

Aimlab is a free to play aim trainer. This aim trainer is used for various first-person shooter games, and many pro players are already trying to compete to beat each other score in a particular drill.

Follow the below-mentioned drills to improve your aim and get better in Halo Infinite and dominate lobbies and rank up using your game sense and incredible aim. Here we will be primarily focusing on tracking, which is the most important in this game.

Sphere Track

Halo Infinite Practice Aim Become Pro : AimLab Trainer Drills

In this drill, a circle comes on the screen, and you have to keep your cursor or crosshair on the circle to kill it. This circle moves in various different direction, so you have to keep track of it and try to master the tracking.

This way, you will be able to track opponents easily in the game and with better tracking there is a high possibility of killing the target. Try changing different speed variations to improve more.

Switch Track

Halo Infinite Practice Aim Become Pro : AimLab Trainer Drills

In this, there will be multiple targets on your screen moving from left to right and vice versa. There is a health bar for each target. Here, too, you have to track each target until it is dead. As soon as one target is dead, switch to the other target in both direction alternatively.

This will be helpful when multiple enemies come towards you. This way you can kill and switch targets easily. Since spray is important in this game, tracking helps a lot in this case and eventually kill multiple targets easily.


Halo Infinite Practice Aim Become Pro : AimLab Trainer Drills

This improves your flicking ability in case you want to be a sniper expert. In this first a circle will come in the center and then when you hit it another circle will come in any direction and if you hit it then the process gets repeated.

Remember, snipers can get you confirm kill only if you hit headshot. So this helps you with precise aiming if you combine it with tracking. Remember, a headshot is not always guaranteed, but the bullet surely hits the enemy.


Halo Infinite Practice Aim Become Pro : AimLab Trainer Drills

Circletrack is similar to Spheretrack but here the circle only moves horizontally that means this will improve your crosshair placement at the head level and with tracking you can easily spray down the enemy.

Keep your crosshair on the circle and when its health depletes a new circle will spawn, do the same thing again and again. Remember to use both wrist and arm while tracking the circle to get the best mouse movement.

Key Points:

Follow these key points while using AimLab aim trainer:

  • Practice these drills at least 3-4 times, or even more, before starting the game.
  • Play Halo Infinite and implement the techniques of tracking.
  • When you quit Halo Infinite, practice these drills 3-4 times again. This will help you build muscle memory.
  • Remember, you will not get good aim in one or two days. Make a practice schedule and improve slowly with learning more in game mechanics.
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