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Halo Infinite Multiplayer Guide: Rank UP Fast (Bronze to Onyx)

In this guide, we will talk about how you can rank up in Halo Infinite Multiplayer faster and easily from being a noob Bronze – Silver – Gold – Platinum – Diamond to becoming a pro Onyx player. Note that you have to grind out the game to complete the matches, and upon that we add useful tips and tricks.

Halo Infinite multiplayer is fun to play and the grind that each player makes to climb the ranks of the ranked game is totally worth, and you will surely love the journey when you reach the highest rank in the game.

Halo Infinite Ranked Guide Level UP Faster (Bronze To Onyx)

Tip 1: Settings and Sensitivity

In any first-person shooter game, using the right settings and sensitivity is very important as it defines how your movement will be, how you will be tracking your enemies and more simple stuff like that.

First, let’s talk about sensitivity. This plays a major role in your role aim and tracking. With faster sensitivity, you are likely to hit flicks better, but tracking becomes very poor.

On low sensitivity you can make small precise movements and tracking will also be precise, but you lose your large flicking movements.

For players using the controller, increase your acceleration to 4-5 and horizontal and vertical settings to both 8(high) or -6.5(low).

For all PC Players, turn off mouse acceleration and sensitivity to around 3-4 and horizontal and vertical settings to both 1.4-1.3.

Set FOV around 90-100 and turn off blur. You can also turn off shakes and more. All other settings are your common preference and can be set as per your liking.

Tip 2: Movement

For players who spam sprint, you must stop doing so. While sprinting, your aim becomes snappy, and it is harder to control the bullet spread. In case of walking, bullet spread is less, and you are more likely to hit more number of shots.

Now, if you are in a fight, standing and shooting is the most common mistake that a player does. Strafing here comes in handy. Strafing means while moving left and right you shoot some bullet, stop and then again shoot. Use jump, crouch, slide effectively with this.

Tip 3: Getting the Abilities

Abilities are found around the map, and they spawn at different locations. The best thing about this is that they do not activate right away. This means that you can use this time as to develop a strategy on how you are going to use this ability.

For example, overshield charger your shield, thrusters can be used to get a jump on enemies, grapple hook will help you attack an enemy from a direction he does not expect and similarly there are more abilities like this.

Halo Infinite Ranked Guide Level UP Faster (Bronze To Onyx)

Tip 4: Using the right weapon

Choosing the right weapon class is very important. This usually depends on your playstyle and how you adapt the game. Different weapons have different recoil system, so controlling these weapons is what you have you learn.

If you are into spraying down your targets, then the best option is to use taps or burst fires as they are much easier to control and this also will help you get more hit on the enemy rather than your usual simple spray and pray.

In order to test out different weapons and what they do, the best way to do so is to go into training mode and kill some bots. Do test different weapons and develop different play techniques on how you will use those weapons.

Halo Infinite Ranked Guide Level UP Faster (Bronze To Onyx)

Tip 5: Objectives and Completing Them

Objectives play an important role in winning the game. Juggling these items to your spawn will also earn you more points or help you complete different objectives. You can juggle enemy flags, stockpile seeds and more.

With razorback, you can carry 5 seeds at once to the base. This will earn you a point. Melee is an important tool when it comes to close range fights, so try to use it more often as in melee you have larger area to hit rather than depending upon spraying and tracking.

While completing the game objectives you can also complete the challenges assigned to you, this way you can complete two things at once and get XP and rank points easily through different modes.

Tip 6: Aim Training

This is one of the most important step for any first-person shooter game if you want to get good at any particular game. The aim training include drills, target tracking, hitting, movement controls and more stuff like this.

You can use aim trainers like aim labs that will help you with tracking, flicking and other aim related mechanics. Movement can be trained in the game while playing, or you can hop in the training and learn the basic movements.

halo infinite win stockpile easily

Tip 7: Common Mistakes

These are the common mistakes that players make and that makes a huge impact on their gameplay. Try to avoid the mistakes mentioned below

  • Losing good position or high grounds

So if you see an enemy, you run after them to kill them. For that to happen, you either lose a high ground or a more favorable good position that helps you win different fights. A good position can sometimes dominate gun play.

  • Confirming kills

When you have hit an enemy so hard that he just 1 shot away from death, you try to push him. This is where you make a mistake. You should always try to finish an enemy from far, as you never know from where his teammates may pop up and kill you. Use your cover wisely.

  • Repositioning

When in a fight, always remember that sometimes it is better to run away to find cover. This can happen when you are out of bullets or changing weapons, or when a group of enemies is coming towards you. Repositioning is the best approach here to rethink your strategy.

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