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5 Things That Prove Quidditch Exists In Hogwarts Legacy

We have found 5 things that prove that quidditch exists in Hogwarts Legacy. We know Hogwarts since our childhood, and it’s been a long time since we have watched or played anything related to the Harry Potter Franchise. Don’t worry, the wait is over, The Avalanche Software has finally released the most awaited gameplay trailer of the Hogwarts Legacy.

The game would no doubt be an amazing release for Harry Potter fans, let’s keep that all aside and discuss the fact why Quidditch’s gameplay was not shown in the trailer, or does the Quidditch even exists in Hogwarts Legacy?

Why Quidditch Gameplay wasn’t Shown in Hogwarts Legacy?

As we all know that the Gameplay Trailer for Hogwarts Legacy was a massive success. Fans seem to love the fact that the game is an open-world RPG. But the fact that quidditch doesn’t get featured in Hogwarts Legacy is quite a surprise. We were able to see people riding on Brooms and a quidditch pitch, but where is the gameplay?

We think that if Avalanche studio has decided to make this massive open-world game, then they might have thought of quidditch too, right? The answer might be yes because I think that they didn’t show the gameplay of Quidditch because it might be still in the development process, or they didn’t want to overwhelm or ruin people’s experience and decided to not show it now.

Golden Snitch in Gryffindor Common Room

Gryffindor Common Room is one of the biggest nostalgic moments in the Harry Potter universe, and seeing it in the Hogwarts legacy very well alive means something to all of us.

I don’t know if you have missed it, but if you zoom into the gameplay trailer in Gryffindor common room, you would find the Golden Snitch. This snitch flying in the room suggests something, doesn’t it?

Quidditch Broom + Pitch

We can see a Girl flying on a Broom and a quidditch Pitch in the background of the image seen above, which is very rare as there was no Quidditch match shown in the Gameplay Trailer.

How can an open-world Harry Potter game doesn’t have this famous feature? I think they weren’t ready to show the Quidditch Game to the fans just now.

Students Wearing Quidditch robes

In the image above you can see that multiple students are wearing quidditch robes which leads to the fact that Quidditch is going to be a big part of Hogwarts legacy, but it seems like it could be an optional feature.

The Three hoops

You might not have noticed but in the image, above we were able to see three hoops in an image which might be another Easter egg that suggests that Quidditch is a big part of Hogwarts Legacy.

Sporting shop

I just found this, In the Gameplay Trailer, you would also notice the Sporting shop just near Zonko’s joke shop As you can see in the image which means at some point the devs might have talked about adding Quidditch into the game. We have only known one famous sport in the Harry Potter universe so far.


We may or may not see Quidditch at All, But, it’s too good not to be included in the Hogwarts Legacy. I think they are going to add Quidditch in the game. But if they didn’t decide to do so, we will still enjoy the game. I hope you all had fun reading the article. The last thing I want to say is, “You are a wizard, Harry”.

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